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Questions relating to the collection of an individual's investments, looked at at a whole.

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What is the best asset allocation for a retirement portfolio, and why?

Based on financial conversations I've had with trusted family members, I believe that asset allocation is one of the more critical things to "get right" during retirement savings. Based on an ...
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Long-term cash-equivalent ETFs for "cash" allocation in a portfolio?

My retirement account goal analyzer advises that I keep 3% in cash. My retirement date is over 30 years from now, so I can tolerate heavy volatility and certainly don't need liquidity. Does it make ...
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How to rebalance a portfolio without moving money into losing investments

I've read a number of conflicting opinions on whether portfolio rebalancing is a good idea. The question of whether rebalancing is a good idea has been addressed in some questions here, too, such as ...
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To rebalance or not to rebalance

I have not been able to understand the concept of rebalancing in investing. To me it's a form of the gambler's fallacy. Let: s_n = stock price at time n s_{n+1} = stock price at time n+1 E[x] is ...
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Can I calculate an average annualised return from investments held for different lengths of time?

My question is: given a number of investments of differing amounts, held for different lengths of time, how would I calculate an approximate average annualised growth for the entire portfolio over its ...
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What low-fee & liquid exchange-traded index funds / ETFs should I consider holding in a retirement portfolio?

I'm still (one year later) going through an exercise to restructure my retirement portfolio. To date, I've been using a mix of exchange-traded index funds. Some trade on the TSX, and others trade in ...
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Explain the details and benefits of rebalancing a retirement portfolio?

What exactly does rebalancing entail? Does it mean that if I originally had 50% in stocks and 50% in bonds and my stocks do amazingly well that I end up with 75% in stocks and 25% in bonds that I ...
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Legal documents required for managing an investment portfolio among friends?

I am considering setting up a personal kind of hedge fund / stock portfolio among friends. I am trying to figure out what kind of a legal agreement I should have them sign for investing with me to ...
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Senior in College, need advice on my investing plan

I am a rising senior in college and saved up $3,000 dollars from my summer internship. I have done a lot of research online about investment options for my age and I decided that opening a Roth IRA ...
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What kinds of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) should specifically be avoided?

This is related to my other question. There, I was asking what exchange traded funds I should consider for inclusion in my retirement portfolio. That got me thinking: What kinds of exchange-traded ...
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Where are Bogleheadian World ETFs or Index funds?

The term bogleheadian is a bit ambiguous term but its simplification means low-cost, diversified, tax-efficient -- solutions. The slant is ETFs or index funds. William Bernstein wrote in some of his ...
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Unmarried couple, should we open a joint investment account or separate accounts?

My partner and I are unmarried and will be remaining that way. We want to finally start an investment portfolio and taking advantage of things like IRAs etc. I will be managing the portfolio(s) for ...
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Should retail investors learn and use the capital asset pricing model (CAPM)?

I heard that the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) is commonly studied by finance students, and can help in controlling risk in stock portfolios. The CAPM looks rather complex as it seems to require ...
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How to calculate portfolio performance without tracking each individual transaction

How does one go about calculating the performance of a portfolio when the portfolio is robo-managed and rebalances often, therefore making tracking every transaction and exact holdings over time a ...
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How can I calculate the annualised growth rate for an irregular investment?

I have a portfolio, which I invest in monthly. Depending on my circumstances, the monthly amount changes from time to time (perhaps every two years or so). I want to calculate the annualised growth ...
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Is adjusting my portfolio's distribution according to bad signals from news risky?

I'm distributing my investment to stock(mostly MSCI ACWI) and bond funds, Basically 60:40. I also rebalance monthly as I got paid monthly. I recently worried about the global and local(South Korea) ...
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Is it possible to manage my multiple accounts and my wife's multiple accounts as a single portfolio with TD Ameritrade?

Is it possible to manage my multiple accounts and my wife's multiple accounts as a single portfolio with TD Ameritrade's online tools? I would like to do easy asset allocation across all those ...
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What's the most conservative split of financial assets for my portfolio in today's market?

Mid 30's, looking for what split I should have between Australian shares, international shares, property, cash, interest, bonds, options, etc. or maybe none of the above. What is considered to be a &...
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Possible Risks of Publicizing Personal Stock Portfolio

I have been investing in the stock market on a small-to-medium sized personal account for several years now, and I am considering making my investment history publicly available online. My question ...
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