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For questions that relate to the laws, practices, and products of the Poland.

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Car leasing too cheap

I've got an offer from car dealer to lease a new car for 24 months: Lease offer (I haven't seen contract yet): operational lease first payment 45% principal-interest 1.59% (for 24 month) buying out a ...
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Why lease option is so high when purchasing Tesla in Poland?

I am trying to understand what am I paying for when I purchase Tesla based on monthly instalments in Poland. When I try to pre-order Tesla Model 3 in the US site everything seems simple and self ...
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Combined taxes on revenue stream when outsourcing work to a contractor

Does outsourcing work to other contracting companies mean tax is paid twice? Assume: Customer company A, outsourcing company B, and employee C. Customer company A needs work performed, and is going ...
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Calculating mortgage schedule

I am trying to figure out formulas used in my friend's history of payments unfortunately I can't figure out how bank calculates some of them. All values in tables represent real payments history of ...
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What are my options for investing as a resident in Poland? [closed]

I am intending to become resident in Poland in 2 years and would like to find ways of investing, eg: stocks and shares, tax free savings etc. What are the options and how can I find them? (I don’t ...
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U.S. Expat living in Poland working remotely for a U.S. Institution: How to classify myself for taxes?

Briefly, I am a U.S. citizen living in Poland. Recently, I was offered a paid remote position at a research group with a U.S. university. Due to the nature of the work, I can either be considered an ...
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How/when to shift from stock to bonds

I recently got a stable job and started investing. Since I am in Europe and the majority of decent blogs are US-targeted I've made many mistakes along the way but I think I have stock or stock-ETF ...
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Saving for a house, is holding money in the bank account currently wise?

I was currently saving to buy a new house with as lowest mortgage as possible (have currently money in the normal bank account without any interest rates) and planning to make a buy around the middle ...
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How to bank on my own?(self hosted bank account) [closed]

I'm from Poland and I do not want to have a bank account but I want be able to use a card and do all of that nice online stuff. It would allow me to do automated stuff and maybe other cool other ...
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Will Poland tax my SIPP?

I am UK resident for tax purposes and have a SIPP. If I become resident in Poland for tax purposes then will Poland tax my SIPP? If so then in what way? My SIPP holds a single fund which does not pay ...
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28 years old and just inherited large amount of money and real estate - unsure what to do with it [closed]

So a little info for starters: as said in the topic, I'm 28 years old and come from a quite well-off family. I actually earn quite a lot of money myself, but I never get to use it - I spend at most 1/...
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How do I invest in an index with a small initial investment (E.U. question)

I just started earning a comfortable surplus for the cost of living of Poland. I have around 700 Euros every month of this surplus and I read that investing in index tracking funds has the higher ...
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Working as a self employed freelancer for an overseas company

I will soon be working on a self employed basis for a company based in Poland,but I'm still going to be based in the UK (working remotely/online as a consultant) and my question is do I need to pay ...
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Inexpensive Method of International Swift Transfer for Low Dollar Amounts?

I am dealing with a beareaucratic government office in Europe in order to get some family records. They will only accept SWIFT transfers and have provided me with two different accounts I need to send ...
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