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3 answers

Is this a phishing attempt?

Several days ago I applied for an Amazon store card and was turned down without any explanation. I was told a letter would follow within 30 days (I'm assuming it would be an explanation as to why). A ...
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11 votes
6 answers

Message about shipment delivered to drop point but I didn't order anything

I received a message that my shipment arrived to its drop point. I'm a 17 years old student and don't even have a bank account. I didn't order anything. I already clicked the link they said it's bad. ...
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How can I help prevent phishing attacks on family members

While visiting family for the holidays, a family member received a "paypal" email asking for account updates. She clicked on the link, provided her login information and started filling out a form ...
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9 votes
2 answers

U.S. tax return fraud after I've already filed

I filed taxes for 2014 months back, got the return, and all was well. Then I got a series of tax return emails over the course of two days (in June 2015) from a different seemingly legit site (1040....
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5 votes
1 answer

Account with NatWest compromised. Will I get a refund?

Someone from Cambodia has managed to withdraw over £500 from my account about 36 hours ago. I just found out now and been on the phone to Natwest fraud team. They say they will get back to me within 5 ...
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Received email from credit card company: "URGENT: Your Master Card SecureCode Password has expired!" Is it legitimate?

(Public service announcement) I received an email titled "URGENT: Your Master Card SecureCode Password has expired!" The email body is an image. Is it legitimate?
11 votes
4 answers

I received an email from my credit card company titled "URGENT: Your VbV VISA Password has expired!" Is it legitimate?

I received an email titled "URGENT: Your VbV VISA Password has expired!" The email reads (in an image): VISA Verified by Visa® (VbV) Service Verified by Visa (VbV) is a global online ...