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For questions that relate to the laws, practices, and products of the Philippines.

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How can I withdraw from ATM by my VakifBank card in the Philippines?

I have a VakifBank debit card. That is a Turkish bank, and my bank account involves US dollar, Euro, and GBP accounts too. And I can change the money in these currency to Turkish Lira through my bank ...
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Can I employ foreigners for tax purposes?

If I have a business in the UK that would be taking x amount profit per year, what if I pay employees in a low tax country like Philippines (freelancer rate is 8%). E.g. they might do £400 worth of ...
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sold property in the Philippines and asked money to be sent here in US

Parents sold their property in the Philippines and asked their money to be sent to their bank account here.They have their green card. Will they have to pay taxes on that?
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Is it safe to have a debit card and credit card on the same bank?

In the scenario of a dispute with a charge on your credit card, if worse comes to worse - can the bank pull funds from your debit card? (In the case of US and Philippine banks). Asking this because I ...
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Can my property be taken as a payment for a relative's loans?

My aunt went to several loans to which she isn't capable of paying as of now. Now, the lenders are visiting our house and trying to find her and she currently lives in the same residence with me, ...
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Should I worry about credit utilization if I always pay in full?

I just got my first credit card (several months ago)! I'm reading about credit card best practices, and I see credit utilization over and over again. One site that really got my interest is this, ...
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Dissuading my girlfriend from a scam

A significant portion of my girlfriend's family have fallen for, what seems to me, an obvious Ponzi scheme. They take money, in cash, to a casino in the area. They give the casino the cash, and one ...
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Why is a friend asking me to make multiple Money Gram transfers in my name using his money?

For the past few months, someone that I know casually is sending money to the Philippines every 2 to 3 days. He mentioned that the money is going to his family so that they can use it to travel to ...
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Cost to transfer funds from Philippines bank to US bank from real estate sales proceeds [closed]

I am a US Citizen living in California, who is currently in the process of selling a piece of land that I own at the Philippines. 20 years ago, I bought a piece of land for P250,000 pesos. I am ...
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Money saved from the Philippines

I have saved up $45,000.00 in the bank in the Philippines and I would like to bring them back to US as a returning US Citizen. Will I be taxed for this money I saved up?
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Compute average price even if I do not have the prices before

I want to know how much my average price will be after I buy a stock. The problem is I do not have the records of how much I bought the stock before. What I do have is this (sample only): Stock X: ...
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Philiipine currency check to deposit in the US

We are expecting a check from a Home Builder in the Philippines in Philippine currency. Can we deposit it in our bank here in the US and convert to US currency ?
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Gift Taxes , transferring money from USA to Philippines to my daughter

(I tried looking in other questions here if this has been asked, but not yet so I am posting) Hi Everyone I would like to know if I need to pay gift taxes if I am going to transfer ~68K USD to my ...
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Credit Card Interest

I already posted a query like this before here and I'm having another problem. As you can see in the link I provided, the one I marked as the best answer is stating that "You would need to pay the ...
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When is the right time to pay my credit?

I am confused on when is the right time to pay my credit. Here is what is written in the paper included with my card. Statement Date: 21st of the month Payment Due Date: 24 days after statement ...
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How much will I be saving off of interests if I fully pay my mortgage earlier?

I purchased a vacant lot and opted to pay for it in installment for 60 months at an annual fixed rate. This formula was used to calculate my monthly fee: M = P[i(1+i)^n / ((1+i)^n-1)] I am currently ...
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Index Fund Tracking Error acceptable value

I'm looking at a variety of index funds. I know that tracking error, loosely speaking, is the deviation of a fund's performance from that of the underlying index. I know lower is better, but I can't ...
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How to transfer large sum from out of country to USA?

Is it easy or possible to do a large sum transfer from Philipines to USA by a Philippine citizen to buy her USA home? What is best or safest practice? I have concern about large sum restriction laws ...
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