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Questions tagged [permanent-resident]

For questions related to individuals obtaining or who have obtained permanent resident status in a country. When asking, please specify a country tag, such as united-states or united-kingdom as well.

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How can one plan ahead to avoid the taxes stemming from becoming/being a "covered expatriate”?

When discussing the indication of renouncing one's US citizenship or US lawful permanent residency (= green card), I was told that: There will be an exit tax if you relinquish and you were 1) a US ...
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US Permanent Resident holding partial stake in a European company

I'm a permanent resident living in the US and would like to invest some money in a company run by my family back in Poland. I'm trying to figure out how to do this and what kind of tax implications it ...
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Can a sponsored spouse buy a house in Canada while her permanent resident application is still being processed?

I will get married with my Canadian partner, and plan to buy a house for us in Canada. However, I am currently not a permanent resident of Canada yet. I will apply for being a permanent resident of ...
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