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For questions related to moving money between accounts or electronically moving funds or paying back the dues owned. Generally used in context of credit-cards, loans, bank-account.

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What is "digital euro"?

Today (October 2nd, 2020), ECB published a press release regarding "digital euro". What is it? When you pay with the credit card or make a bank transfer to another account aren't you using a ...
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How to tell what the net amount in a payment from an employer should be?

I had parted ways from a former employer. I had worked full time and my pay rate was always the same. There were some complicating factors and the timing and amount of the last few payments were ...
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Tax implication receiving a payment in US from a company

I want to sell a property located in Asia. The buyer for whatever random reason wants to pay a part of the payment (500k usd) from a US corp account. I do have a personal US bank account, that is, it ...
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How to split money between two devs of a Play Store app

Me and a collaborator made an android application and now want to sell it on the Play Store. We would like to know if it's possible to automatically split the money 50/50 between us in some way. As ...
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Paying by voice - what is its transaction type

When I purchase something through voice virtual assistant, for example order Pizza through my Echo-Alexa - is it written in card schemes (Visa/Mastercard) as a Card-Not-Present (CNP) transaction or it'...
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When to pay IT in India on income in Japan under DTAA?

I am staying in Japan and have signed for paying IT in India under DTAA. My company will give me statement of income while I return to India after full stay period, i.e., two years. Do I pay tax ...
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Online payment in us

How to pay online to Amazon when name on the card is not mentioned in my Thomas cook forex card? I tried to make a online payment, but it asks for my name on card which is not mentioned in my card and ...
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How to distinguish if company is using first or third party payment processor. Mastercard transaction

I was the victim of a scam and fraud where a service was not provided. I have had information returned from the credit card company as part of the dispute. is anyone able to acertain or deduce from ...
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U.S. check in Canadian dollars?

I reside in the U.S. and need to send money, via check, to a Canadian company payable in Canadian dollars. (This is the only payment method allowed.) What's the easiest way to accomplish this? Can I ...
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Is the amount of a pull (from the receiving institution) limited?

User 'DanLynch' defines 'push' and 'pull': If you do a "push", the money will be removed from the sending account immediately, and will usually arrive in the receiving account in 1 to 3 ...
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