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May an international student on F1-Visa accept money (cash rewards) in return of contributions made online?

I am an international student currently studying on F1-student-visa in united states. There are many websites where I can contribute (for example, by adding questions/answers, writing articles etc.) ...
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Where can I find the European equivalent ETFs from a USD superdiversified 10 ETFs portfolio

I have been using this superdiversified 10 ETFs portfolio. To lower the risk it's composed from stocks and bonds across the globe and includes some commodities. Being in USD currency and the Euro ...
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Canadian taxes: Is it possible to declare dividends for a small business corporation with no other income other than investments (passive income)?

I have a small business that is now dormant since I switched to full time employment This is a small inc created before the professional corporations were defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (not ...
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