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37 votes
8 answers

What can I do to passively generate income?

I work 3 jobs totaling at 52 hours weekly. I don't have anything of value that I can sell for money. I put $10 into penny stocks a few weeks ago, but they don't gain much. I'm 25, and my savings is ...
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35 votes
12 answers

"Don't invest now because the market is high"

I have heard many people in my life say things like The market is low so it's a good time to invest or The market is high so don't invest It makes me wonder if mean-reversion is actually a ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Are those "auto-pilot" programs a scam or waste of time?

It's a popular buzzword being sold: "auto-pilot income." From what I understand, "auto-pilot income" is another way of saying "passive income" but with the idea of creating an "auto-pilot" source for ...
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