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Use this tag for questions related to rules and experiences specific to the State of Oregon in the United States.

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Paying estimated taxes on a W2 job - Is it okay to under-withold and make it up with a quarterly payment?

Filling out W4's becomes tricky when there are multiple jobs, and more so when the jobs have very different wages, or are bursty. Is there anything wrong with having the withholdings be low, and then ...
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What should I do about a check I wrote three months ago that the recipient has not deposited?

I wrote a check three months ago, and the recipient has not deposited it yet. Stopping payment and giving them cash would cost me more than the amount of the check. Is there anything else I can do? I ...
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Found expired check issued by title company to settle balance from 6 years ago

I purchased a home 6 years ago and the title company sent me a large packet of documents related to closing with a small check buried deep inside it. I did not notice the check until now. It's only $...
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I gifted money to my girlfriend for a down payment on a house and we broke up. Am I entitled to my money back? [closed]

I'm writing to ask a question about gifting my fiancé a down payment for the home we currently live in and bought. So when I gave her 14,000 for the down payment of our home we were engaged. At this ...
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Payment Structure for Non-Voting LLC Member

I'm dealing with a member-managed LLC that has both members and employees. The LLC wishes to bring in another member. The Operating Agreement provides that the shares for the new member will not ...
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Can I deduct an office space rental if I am not self employed?

As a remote worker, I'm looking at renting an office space $250/mo. I am not self employed but instead working for a company. Is this expense tax deductible?
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Taxes for a foreign freelancer getting paid in the USA

I, a Mexican citizen, was living in Portland last year and had a TN work visa, but decided to come back home. The company I was working for decided they wanted to keep working with me but as a ...
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Tax requirements for an independent contractor in Oregon?

I currently work as a full-time employee for a company, but I recently learned that one of our clients wants to pick me up as an independent contractor. The transition will be well worth it: ...
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Capital Gains Tax Example - Question

My wife and I are semi-retired and have 3 children under 18. The capital gains rules confuse me (and are pretty depressing). Our reasons for selling the 1 house are to pay for a boat which we plan to ...
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In what cases can states tax non-residents?

If a person is a 100% resident of Oregon, and happens to work for a company located in Massachusetts, where does that person pay state income tax? It can't be that they have to pay taxes to both ...
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Question about being a resident

I moved to Oregon in July 2014 from Nevada. I have OR DMV and Voter's registration. Am I considered a resident of Oregon now?
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Live in Oregon and work in Washington: Do I need to file Oregon state taxes?

I am an Oregon resident but earned all my income in Washington state in 2011 - do I need to file an OR tax return since I didn't earn any money in Oregon ?
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