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How to Roll Put Options (Buy to open)? (Bought to Open)

I have a put option that I bought to open but the market has moved against me. So I'm looking for a way out of the contract other than taking a huge loss. I want to know my options for rolling them ...
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Options expiration dates: frequency offering?

I am starting in options trading and noticed that some underlyings have more options offerings in regards to the expiration dates; for example, SPY has Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays weekly options, ...
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Can both call and put option of the same strike price and same asset expire to zero on expiry date?

Suppose we are trading the call and put options for an underlying asset such as crude oil at a strike price of 1000. Will there be any scenario in which both the call option of strike price 1000 and ...
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Is It easy to buy back a put-option on its expiry date?

Say I sold a BABA put expiring 5/24 . The usual advise is to close at 50% profit. What If I leave my position open until the expiry date. The put option will be expiring with no value for the other ...
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Can you sell out-of-the-money option on last day of expiration?

I have a $500C Jan 29 GME option expiring tomorrow. I bought it when this contract was at $9.30. If the stock goes to say $400 or $450 tomorrow and the stock price is still under my strike price of $...
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Out of money option not worthless at the expiration

I just started selling the cash secured puts. I was under the impression that all options unless in the money expire worthless on the expiration day but apparently that's not the case. I had sold a ...
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Is there a scenario with unlimited risk while buying puts (esp. when they expire)?

My apologies if this is too simple a question, but there's a (possible) misconception that I wanted to clear. I did search for resources on the web and I think I have understood about 90% of the ...
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Out-of-the-money options at expiration

It's taught that out-of-the money options that expire at the end of the last trading day expire worthless yet I see many expired options in trading hours that hold their value and continue to trade. ...
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Specifically when do options expire?

Take these calls for example: Call Time of expiration SBUX Jan13 55 Call 2012-01-18 4PM EST FIO Jan13 22 Call 2012-01-18 4PM EST FB JanWk4 32 Call ...
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