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Can an individual insure oneself against the potential liability placed on software developers by the Cyber Resilience Act?

I asked a question on law about the responsibilities placed on open source software developers globally who want or have to stop work by the forthcoming EU Cyber Resilience Act. The answer has ...
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What is the closest you can get to managing your own DIY bank account without using any third-party or banking company?

I am just curious if there is anything close to running a bank account yourself. That means not signing up for a bank account from a bank or company, and it does not mean starting your own fintech app ...
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Are donations to OSS projects necessary business expenses for tax purposes?

I run a small business and use open source software (OSS). I'd like to give money to the OSS developers to motivate them to keep doing it. I don't get anything in return. Can I claim such a payment as ...
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Algorithm to minimize capital gains tax

I've made thousands of cryptocurrency trades and have them in a CSV file with the necessary fair market values. I'd like to use the specific-shares cost basis method to minimize my gains. Is there a ...
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Can i add a paypal support/donate button on my opensource project on github in India(Specifically). And How should i do it?

I am an open source developer from India .I am opening up an open source project on github . I want to set up a paypal (support/donate/or whatever name is appropriate to put in India) on my github ...
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Would open source credit score formulas be feasible?

Do these exist and if they did, what would prevent financial institutions from using them? More Details: Let's say that some academics got together and decided that the 3 major US Credit Reporting ...
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Does a donation have to be used only on the thing it was donated for?

I am currently in the process of developing an open-source computer application and it is taking up a lot of my free time, so I would like to get some sort of income from it, even if it is a small ...
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Is an open-sourced World Stock Index a pipe-dream?

I have noticed that many things in finance are closed or proprietary like MSCI Barra World (an index that tracks stocks globally). I sense that there may be a huge amount of work to do with such index ...
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