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To be used for any questions related to banking transactions that can be carried out online [web based]. There is another broader tag online-tools if the questions is not specific to Banking

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Transferring money from HSBC UK to TD Bank in Canada

Lets say I want to transfer money to Canada from UK. HSBC-UK asks me to to enter the following information Payee account number Payments Canada Routing number Bank Name Now the question : Should "...
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What is the SEPA optional category?

When I'm writing a wire transfer (both with my personal and with my company's accounts), my bank allows me to enter "optional SEPA fields", most of them look redundant or useless, but one is a bit ...
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Identity theft issue: Fidelity showing another person’s profile on my 401k, Fidelity closed the request

My employer provides 401k and I opened a 401k with Fidelity in September. I have been contributing to the 401k since. Recently, I logged into my account and my user profile on Fidelity is showing a ...
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How to transfer funds online from a Canadian CIBC account to RBC instantly?

I thought Interac transfer is instant but my mom wants to send me money from her CIBC account but she said it takes 2-3 business days? What method can be used to transfer from a CIBC checking to a ...
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Can I convert a cheque to money in any bank? Is there a fee?

After a Ryanair flight cancellation and several e-mails, they've sent a cheque. Well, I have no physical bank account in UK and have no idea how to claim money from a cheque. Plus, I suspect I will ...
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GnuCash with (optical) PhotoTAN?

With Ubuntu 20.04.1 I now installed GnuCash - both as Flatpak (version 4.1) and from the official repos (version 3.8) and am nothing less than flabbergasted that online banking still won't just work ...
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Quickbooks Add-On Service Discontinued on 5/31

I am using QuickBooks Pro 2016. I received a notice that Online banking will stop working after 5/31. My question is if automatic bank transaction sync going to stop working only and/or the ability ...
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How can I open a Canadian bank account from within the US? I am a Canadian citizen residing in the US

Can I open a Canadian bank account from within the US? I am Canadian citizen residing in the US for many years. I would rather not travel to Canada just to open a bank account if possible. Does ...
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Download many check images from Wells Fargo?

How can one download a year's worth of check images for a Wells Fargo checking account? describes a poor option of "go to Account Activity. ...
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Query - Receipt of Online payment from USA customer to Account in United Kingdoms

I received payments from a USA customer in UK Account. All is doing well till start of 2019. In 2019 the customer from USA intimated that he has submitted an online check to our account in UK but the ...
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Signing up with Zelle with a foreign address

I received $300 from family by Zelle notification in email. I tried to sign up with Zelle, and my bank is a Zelle member, but the online app refused. Could it be because my banking address is foreign? ...
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I'm on vacation in Europe. Can I transfer between my 2 US bank accounts?

I'm in Europe for 5 months. I have an ATM card linked to 2 accounts at my local US bank (first account is in Euro and the second in USD). Can I use my ATM card in Europe and transfer bfrom my Euro ...
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