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Is it possible to create a static filter rule based on a text pattern in GNUCash?

Is it possible to create a static filter rule based on a text pattern in GNUCash during importing an OFX file? For example, its Import Matcher filter does not classify a transaction to a expense ...
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Problems with first OFX transaction download to gnucash after using Quicken for years

I have been using Quicken for home and business for years to keep my one man office books. It does everything I need, especially auto-population of bank transactions in register for preparing ...
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Gnucash chart of accounts CSV import gives error message, stock 'accounts' not imported

I am a corporate IT veteran from the financial industry with some QA experience and a Gnucash newbie. I am working on my chart of accounts setup in an iterative manner: I make adjustments to my ...
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Gnucash OFX import transaction dates are wrong?

I have exported transaction data from my credit card company in OFX format. When I import it into Gnucash, the dates that show for the transactions are off by a day or two compared to the dates on my ...
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Importing brokerage QFX files into GnuCash

I'm trying to figure out how to import QFX files from my brokerage into GnuCash. I have read the documentation about investments here, but I'm having some problems getting it to work correctly. First ...
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Why do banks withhold old statements and transactions in online banking? [duplicate]

I noticed that none of my banks I have accounts with in the US (i.e. my local CU, Bank of America, Chase, and Citi) offer any way to view or download bank statements (e.g. as PDFs), account activity ...
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Can ofx files express split transactions?

QIF (quicken interchange format) files support the notion of a split transaction where a given account transaction can be broken down into sub line-items whose individual amounts roll up to the ...
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FX options for retail trader

I would like to trade options on the FX market, say EURUSD and GBPUSD. I have seen that there are options on the CME that have FX futures as underlying and also some options on spot on the ...
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Missing transaction in Gnucash import from OFX, transaction is in the file

I'm exporting my bank history using OFX format and GnuCash can import it ok, but sometimes there are a few transactions that are in the bank history, are in the OFX file, but GnuCash refuses to show ...
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Import .n43 file to Quicken? [closed]

One of my banks is Spanish, and allows downloading activity in the .n43 format (aka "Norma 43") which is some kind of Spanish version of OFX/QFX. Any way (on a Mac) that I can convert this to an OFX ...
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List of banks with free OFX service [closed]

I am looking for a list of banks that offer a free OFX (Open Financial Exchange) service. The best list I have been able to find is here: OFX List Some of the banks on this list are documented to ...
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improve gnucash OFX transaction matching

I wrote a script that cleans up OFX transaction files downloaded from banks so that the name and memo fields are more readable once imported into gnucash. This works great, I now get very clean ...
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