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Questions tagged [north-carolina]

For questions related to rules and experiences specific to the State of North Carolina in the United States.

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Friend accidentally Venmo'd me rent as a commercial Venmo transaction. What are the tax implications of this?

I pay the full rent to our landlord and my friend sends me his share. When using Venmo, he accidentally ticked the 'goods and services' option which marks it as a commercial transaction. He sent me $...
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Should I purchase health insurance directly, or through my LLC?

I am currently in the market for health insurance and have an LLC with myself as the sole employee. I would like to know the advantages vs the disadvantages to purchasing through my business. Also how ...
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Where do you pay state tax if you live in NC and work 100% remotely for place in PA?

We relocated from PA to NC, but I will work 100% remotely for a company branch located in PA. My tax withholding were adjusted so that $0 goes to PA and appropriate amount goes to NC. I found ...
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If I’m beneficiary on a life insurance policy can gamy make me share it

My mother in law named me as her beneficiary on her life Insurance policy. She lived with me for many years before passing. We are in the state of North Carolina . One of her sons has decided that he ...
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I purchased a motorcycle that has not been delivered, how can I resolve this with the company?

I purchased a motorcycle from Blue Ridge HD in Hickory, NC, almost 2 months ago on 3/30/21. I still don't have the bike. Conditions of the sale was that the dealership get the gas tank vinyl wrapped, ...
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Carry over of North Carolina foreign tax credit

Referencing North Carolina income tax form D-400TC, Part 1 seriously limits the amount of foreign tax credit (FTC) I can take (line 7a is considerably smaller than line 6). I am wondering if it is ...
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State Tax return without SSN or ITIN

As per ITIN request form W-7, we have to attach our federal return with it, which cannot be filled until we receive Form 1042-S (which I received late in March). This implies that it is not possible ...
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How old a car needs to be for one to request diminish value claim

I am based in NC. My car was hit by another vehicle. The person who hit us, his insurance company paid for repairs. My car is from 2015. When I made request for a diminished value claim, I was told “...
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Will I get double-taxed? Primary address in North Carolina but work is in California

Disclaimer: I am aware that users here are not paid/licensed U.S. tax professionals and that I should only make decisions impacting my taxes with a licensed financial advisor. Hi! I have a job in ...'s user avatar
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How do I get a notice number to pay North Carolina income tax?

This page says I can pay my North Carolina individual income tax using the online payment system: But the online payment ...
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Is there a need to formally register activities performed under an LLC?

I am considering establishing an LLC. The forms that I have seen for North Carolina just have contact information but no actual description of the LLCs activities. Is there a need to describe the ...
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Are landlords required to provide bathroom access to tenants?

I live in North Carolina, and I am not sure what the laws around this issue are. I was looking to purchase a home: live in one room, and rent out the other. I am quite a germaphobe, and have had ...
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