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What is the "Bernanke Twist" and "Operation Twist"? What exactly does it do?

I was reading the article Bernanke’s Twist Sharpens Year-End Anxiety Over Stimulus and In the article it says The Fed on June 20 extended its Operation Twist program to swap $267 billion in ...
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5 answers

Why so much noise about USA's credit rating being lowered?

S&P lowered USA's credit rating from AAA (cool) to AA+ (a bit less cool). Suddenly, I hear about it everywhere: shares prices are down, oil prices change, news digests say "the new financial ...
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Do you micro-manage index fund purchases to a particular day of the month?

I have setup automatic withdrawal with my brokerage to purchase shares of an S&P500 Index fund the 8th of every month. When I first caught wind of the USA credit downgrade Saturday morning, I ...
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Advantage of Financial Times vs. free news sources for improving own knowledge of finance?

I am a student living in the UK and I am trying to improve my 'commercial awareness' for applying to finance related jobs. (In particular, algorithmic trading.) What advantages, if any, does reading ...
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