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Why is there a need of thirdparty gateway while transferring money from one bank to another?

As per this, there is always a middleman for transferring fund between two banks. Why can't there be a direct communication between two banks? What problems would be arouse if there was direct ...
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2 answers

Using Indian debit cards in Nepal

Can I use my Indian debit cards in Nepal to withdraw cash from ATMs? In particular, I have an AXIS bank debit card. Can I use it freely for making payments as well as for withdrawing cash from ATMs in ...
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What does same scheme account mean in banking purpose?

I'm planning to open an online savings account in a bank where i already have normal savings account. In the form though it asks me to declare that i don't have same scheme account in their bank. I'm ...
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Should i worry if i lied in my new bank that i have no association with another bank when i actually do?

I recently opened a new account. I already had an old account at a different bank, but I declined when they asked me if I had association with another bank. Does this matter?
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Can I open a Demat account in India from abroad?

I want to trade Indian stocks online and will require a demat account with an Indian bank. I have my PAN number registered and all documents in place except the voting card. And I live in Nepal. Can I ...
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6 answers

How easy is it for people from Nepal to open a foreign bank account via the internet?

Has anyone attempted opening a foreign bank account from Nepal as a Nepalese citizen, if so what was your experience? how easy was it? Which country's banks will allow this?
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Is the fund received to my indian bank from foreign bank taxable?

I am Nepali citizen and I have ordinary saving account in Indian bank. I was also working here for 2 years in the past(3 years ago) and I have PAN card and bank account. Now I am living in India for ...
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Can a Nepalese (Asian) open a bank account in US without visiting there?

I am living in Nepal (South Asia) and want to setup a business using which Nepalese living in the USA can pay for gifts and services to be delivered here in Nepal to their beloved ones. To receive ...