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Does the New York Stock Exchange Building have a Business Continuity Plan for dealing with a hurricane hitting New York City?

I would like to know if the New York Stock Exchange Building has a rock solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan to deal with the event of a hurricane directly hitting New York City and ...
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Buying a home in a high-price, climate change-exposed region

I moved to southern California recently for work. This is the first time I'm stable enough to consider buying a home. Based on some standard decision rules for home buying, I'm ready: I can afford the ...
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Do surviving homes' values tank after natural disasters?

After experiencing two flash floods in two years, I'm considering investing ~$2000 into modifying my yard's terrain, and building retaining walls, to keep flooding away from the home and vehicles, at ...
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What are the practical implications of buying a house in a high Earthquake risk area?

I am purchasing a house in Indio California, that is described as being in an high risk Earthquake area. That sounds scary but the actual stats for the area are less so: Nearest Earthquake: 2.9 ...
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Harvey Disaster Losses and Taxes

I suffered property loss (contents, not house) due to Hurricane Harvey above and beyond my flood insurance coverage. Given the tax law changes around Harvey in December 2017 I know I can deduct most ...
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How to re-access my investments if a national disaster happens?

There is no disaster for now. But I got curious what should I do when local disasters(like war, earthquake, etc) happen where I live(I live in South Korea btw). Let's say I got a disaster, survived, ...
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Is such a thing as "evacuation insurance" available?

Many Americans live in places where natural or man-made disasters can force them to evacuate on relatively short notice, and find somewhere else to stay for long enough to ride out some hazard. If ...
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