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How do I address my EE mobile bill doubling due to picture messages?

I have multiple numbers on my EE mobile account, including children. We are all getting charged for every Picture Message sent which is now doubling the EE mobile monthly bill! Other than simply ...
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Does mobile phone account negatively affect credit score?

I generally try and keep my credit utilization on my credit cards as low as possible, by having a high limit, and making payments frequently to keep the balance low. I was looking on my Equifax ...
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Is it normal for cell phone purchases online/via phone to be very difficult?

I am hitting a wall helping my father purchase a cell phone. Together we cannot convince any company to provide service to us. Credit is tip top, and we'd be charging a credit card. Is it normal for ...
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UK: Will signing up for a mobile phone contract affect my credit rating?

Especially I would like to understand one thing: There are operators who offer contracts without credit check for people who otherwise would be denied because of for example a completely missing ...
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Claim duty back on phone purchased via contract termination because moving overseas

6 months ago I signed up for a 24 month phone plan which included a phone at no additional cost. Today I am preparing to move from Australia to the UK for a new job and I will have to cancel my ...
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My telecom provider is offering a discount before a predicted drop in phone price; why?

Currently I have a 2 year phone plan that ends in early October. This plan came with a smartphone – an iPhone SE – so every month I pay for both minutes/data and the phone. Since Apple predictably ...
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Are mobile network operators known to make offers based on usage statistics?

For quite some time I exclusively used a mobile internet connection. A couple of weeks ago my landlord installed WiFi in the building and my mobile data usage dropped by orders of magnitude. I haven't ...
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Is it still worth looking for a Data-less plan?

I am currently in the market for a sim-only phone plan, but my phone can in no way use Data. Therefore I have been hunting for any provider that still offers Data-less plans, without any luck thus far....
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Is it possible to negotiate internet plans? If so how?

Are there circumstances when elements of an internet plan (e.g. price, contract length, fees, speed) can be negotiated? If so, how do you open the discussion for negotiation with a sales rep? In my ...
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Does a SIM only cell phone contract help credit rating?

I have been told that cell phone contracts are sometimes a way to improve one's credit score. This makes sense to me as a phone contract involves a commitment to pay monies at a regular interval, ...
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If I plan to stay with a carrier, is there any reason not to upgrade vs. buy unlocked phones?

If I upgrade my phone with my carrier, I have to stay with them for 2 years. But if I have no plan to change carrier anyway, does this make upgrading the obviously better choice than buying an ...
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The risk of shared family plan for cellphone

My wife and I are signed for family plan with her brother and his wife. I'd like to upgrade my phone but I'm worried since my brother in law and his wife miss the payments or they don't pay the full ...
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If I buy a $0 subsizided phone with a carrier, can my credit card extended warranty apply to the phone purchase?

I'm currently considering getting a subsidized phone for $0 with a 2 year contract through some Canadian carrier. I'd like to use one of my credit cards that extends the manufacturer warranty up to 2 ...
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Defaulting on early termination charges out of a phone contract

I was wondering what the consequences are: is your credit history ruined, or merely dinged? Is the blow recoverable? Can the carrier try to get the money back in court? I assume you'll wind up ...
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Add phone to my parents phone plan

My employer recently offered to take over financial responsibility of my cell phone. Because of that switch, my wife's phone is the only device on our AT&T phone plan. I was talking things over ...
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Comparison of cellphone connectivity options

I recently moved to the United States from New Zealand, and given the amount of carriers in comparison, was wondering if anyone knows of a webpage that compares cellphone plans/pay-as-you-go options. ...
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How to best insure my phone?

I just bought a smartphone. Family plan with wife and parents. The salesmen were trying to push an insurance plan, but with just a quick look down the exclusions it's pretty restrictive. At $8 per ...
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How can I cash out my prepaid cell phone?

As a very frugal person, I have a prepaid phone plan that costs $100 a year. For the past two years, I've spent roughly $50 of that each year. As long as I renew the plan with another $100 every year, ...
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Can I get a mobile phone contract if I am unemployed?

Can I get a mobile phone contract if I am unemployed?
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How can I reduce the cost of having a cell phone?

In terms of cell phone plans the U.S. is the worst followed by Spain and then Canada. Besides the obvious get rid of the phone option what other strategies can be employed to keep the costs down?
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