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When a stock held in an IRA takes a downturn, is that a good time to move that asset to a Roth IRA?

I have some traditional IRA funds invested in QuantumScape, and it's down quite a bit since the initial purchase. I want to continue to have some holdings in the company. Would this be a good time to ...
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What is the responsibility for a Missouri-based Disregarded LLC wrt sales tax for internet sales?

In Missouri's online sales-tax registration process, the registrant is required to choose a business type from the list below. Using the physical form 2643, this information is not requested. I sell ...
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Can I purchase and sell a property through my c-corp if I have a personal tax lien with my state?

I would like to execute a simple contract assignment (double closing) on a real estate deal. The initial title work came back an there is a lien against me personally for taxes owed to my state. I ...
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How to remove obligation to a car loan

We live in Missouri. My husband refinanced his car loan through an internet loan source. Then I started getting the invoices for the car loan. I didn't think anything of it until, my husband decided ...
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Rebuilding my life at 30, broke and supportless

Okay, so try to ignore the "drama" in this and I'll try to keep this short. I'm unemployed (on my 3rd disability appeal) but in college I max out my loans but it's about $500 a month left after my ...
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Do I still have to pay a copay after the out-of-pocket maximum is met? [duplicate]

Once the out-of-pocket maximum is met, do I still have to pay for co-pays for regular doctor appointments?
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Why is the mortgage interest rate for a 15 year loan lower than a 30 year loan?

Current interest rates look like you can get a 15 yr mortgage at 3.25% and a 30 yr mortgage at 3.99%. This translates into paying $90,363.30 more for the 30 yr mortgage. Why do banks charge a ...
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Are prepayment penalties for mortgages normal?

My wife and I are in the market for a new house, and we're at the point where we want to comparison shop lenders. Is it usual for mortgages to have prepayment penalties? My wife just hates the ...
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Is it beneficial to convert non-investment real estate to rental if I need to make major repairs? (USA/Missouri)

In 2009 I bought a small (850 sq ft) home via an FHA loan as a first time home buyer. Later, In 2013 I had a crazy month in which I accepted an out-of-state job and immediately learned my marriage was ...
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