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Questions tagged [minnesota]

Use this tag for questions related to rules and experiences specific to the State of Minnesota in the United States.

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US citizen. Question on state taxes. Capital gain taxes

Lets says I made $10,000 net personal investment gain on stocks if I sell now. This is Long term gain. Lets say US federal tax rate is 20% on capital gain. But I have $4,000 carry over investment ...
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2 answers

I got a court notice from a debt collector. What do I do now?

I had some medical bills in 2018/2019. At the time, I was able to make monthly payments to the hospital, but the monthly amount was not enough for them so they sent the account to collections. The ...
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Who normally attends a residential real estate closing in the US?

For a standard mortgage closing, what parties are usually in attendance for the final walkthrough and closing event?
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Are contributions to a non-dependent's 529 account in MN tax deductible?

(Minnesota) If I contribute to the 529 account of a friend or relative who is not my dependent, can I still claim the 529 tax deduction or tax credit?
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Whole life insurance and MA

I am a beneficiary of a whole life insurance policy. Can Medical Assistance or Medicaid take the funds? I am in Minnesota.
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How do I decide where to register a car when I plan to move soon?

I live in Wisconsin primarily but will be working and living in Minnesota (MN) for the summer. I bought a car from a friend and want to transfer the title to my name. The car has a MN title and plates....
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