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Does Microsoft Money Work in Windows 11? [closed]

Does Microsoft Money work on Windows 11? I have used it on previous OS versions but want confirmation before upgrading to 11. Update: I installed Ms Money on Windows 11 Pro (upgrade from Windows 10 ...
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Why do Yahoo Finance and MSN Money show two different debt/equity ratios?

2020-09-06 AMZN debt to equity ratio on Yahoo Finance: 123.97 (most recent quarter) AMZN debt to equity ratio on MSN Money: 0.68 (quarter can't be selected)
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Currently a Microsoft Money user on PC, need a replacement suitable for Mac

I switched to a Mac a few years ago but kept my old PC Windows running -- only for my Microsoft Money program, which I have used for over a decade... I love it. Now I need to retire the old PC and I ...
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online personal finance software that I can host myself

I am currently using MS Money for tracking my finances, and would like to switch to an online solution that I can access from anywhere. The problem is, I don't really trust some website to have ...
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Is an adequate substitute for Microsoft Money? How does it compare?

I've been looking for alternatives to MSMoney since Microsoft announced they were discontinuing the product line, and came across, which looks promising. Are any of you using it? Is it a ...
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Any good replacements for Microsoft Money that will work well for the U.K.?

I use MS-Money to track my account and investments, as Microsoft is just about to kill MS-Money, what are the good replacements? I need a product that can cope with the fact I live in the UK.
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