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I need a tiny amount of money right now, but I can't find lending options. Why don't lending services cater to those who seek very tiny loans? [closed]

I'm looking to drop $20 in the stocks now, but I don't have this money currently available. Is there any kind of micro/nano-loaning service where one can borrow a very small amount of funds and pay ...
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How to get a really tiny loan when self-employed? [closed]

I am newly self-employed and need a pinch of money to resolve some current loans. I need only 100 to 200 dollars on short notice -- has to be deposited to bank so a credit card cannot help. I have no ...
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Peer to peer lending business model (i.e. Lending Club)

I am doing some research on the peer-to-peer business model. When looking at Lending Club, I was wondering what the legal framework model is for them. To be more specific, how are they set up as a ...
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What sort of tax treatment does a charitable micro-lending loan incur?

So, a friend of mine has encouraged me to look at Kiva ( which does microlending and has a big fat legal agreement that says (among other things) 1.3 Tax Deductibility. You ...
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What P2P lending services are available to Ohio residents to use, as a lender?

I live in Ohio, and Lending Club and Prosper are unavailable for me to utilise as a lender. Are other P2P services available for Ohio residents? Are there alternative but similar lending strategies ...
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Peer to Peer Lending Sites - Good Investment or Insane?

Does anyone have personal experience with lending on sites like Do they have a handle yet on what the yield and default rates are? Last time I looked at it, they didn't have a ton of ...
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Are Kiva or other microlending institutions a decent way to improve overall yield?

Have you used, or any other microlending institutions? Any positive or negative experiences? Does this seem like a decent way to improve overall yield, assuming I'm willing ...
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