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Number of times price has risen the lowest amount - technical indicator

Just about on every stock (unless there was a major castratophic event), I notice every day that the stock prices (both bid and ask) go up and down throughout the day. Is there any technical indicator ...
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How does one use EPS as a valuable tool in evaluating an equity?

EPS (Earnings Per Share) is typically listed along with what seems to be much more insightful metrics for equities. Is EPS useful in it's own right, or does one need to plug it in to an equation to ...
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Financial Metrics Section in Morningstar mutual fund report (blue arrow with white cross?)

Just wondering if anyone out there knows what these blue arrow with white crosses mean under "Financial Metrics". I see them in almost all Morningstar mutual fund reports. Unsure why they ...
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Relevancy of IRR versus CAGR as a Decision Making Tool

Why is IRR an important metric for comparing investments if CAGR can be determined? I understand CAGR to mean the constant rate of compounded growth over a given number of years. That is, the slope ...
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Calculation of YTD return in case of portfolio rebalance

I want to calculate a couple of metrics for portfolio. However, only examples I can find over the internet do not cover portfolio rebalances. Suppose the following scenario: Jan 1st, buy portfolio ...
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What mutual fund metric describes this?

What metric describes a mutual fund that consistently performs a little better than the average of its peers (or its index) when the market is rising but falls much faster than its peers or its index ...
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What does a high theta mean for an option position?

I have a Call Spread for a position in TSLA that has a theta of 15.67 with 43 days left till expiration. I can see that it's comprised of a 64.71 and a -49.04 theta. How can I best understand what it ...
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operating income

I'm looking at an income statement and confused at how to interpret its figures. I understand what gross profit, operating profit, and net profit are. The statement I'm looking at says that the ...
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What is the difference between fixed-income duration and equity duration?

I noticed this question, How to determine duration of a common stock whose dividends grow in perpetuity? I am familiar with the concept of duration for bonds, but not for common stock (actually, it is ...
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What single metric is the ultimate measure of personal wealth? [closed]

More specifically, what is the single metric you would use to monitor personal wealth?
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