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If my company is going to be acquired for $50m, how can I avoid high taxes? [closed]

Let’s say for example I have a company that is going to be acquired for $50m and I own half it as a cofounder. How can I avoid a large tax hit? I know someone who received $25m from an acquisition and ...
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Why does Microsoft need China’s approval to buy Blizzard?

Given none are Chinese companies, why does the acquisition need China’s approval? I am looking at, e.g., Microsoft says China approves its plan to buy video game-maker Activision Blizzard
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When a public company (e.g. Twitter) goes private, when do shareholders receive funds?

I was wondering what is the reasonable time frame when ordinary investors receive the money from a sale of a company that is acquired to become private. I see Twitter was acquired on Thursday (Oct 27, ...
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What happens to short PUT and short Call options on acquisitions. e.g Twitter

Currently Twitter is being acquired by Elon Musk. As now the deal is likely to go ahead. What happens to the seller of Call options ( suppose some one has sold call for $60 strike expiring in June ...
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When Twitter gets sold, do pre-purchase shareholders need to do anything?

Twitter is currently publicly traded, but once Elon Musk buys it, it'll go private. Do current Twitter shareholders need to place sell orders so Musk can buy their shares?
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