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Can "Trustly" be trusted with my bank credentials?

To add money into my PayPal wallet I have to use Trustly. Trustly connects to my bank account and draws the funds from there. In order to connect to my bank account I need to provide them with MY ...
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Online Return Policies

I purchased merchandise online from a retailer that has a 365-day return policy. I followed the steps to return the merchandise, filled out the forms to do so, and sent the merchandise back to the ...
8 votes
3 answers

What stops someone from repeatedly charging a debit card?

In order to provide some context to my question: I recently rented a car from a company. They required a deposit before handing me the car, as insurance. So I used my debit card, I entered in the ...
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1 answer

How can I find out what category a merchant falls into for my credit card's cashback program? [duplicate]

For credit cards that give different amounts of cash back based on the category: How can I go about figuring out how my purchase from some particular merchant will be categorized before I make a ...
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