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Will weekly paychecks be reduced after taking FMLA leave?

My wife works as a US public school teacher. She took several months off for maternity leave. Because she only had a month of paid sick leave accumulated, 6 weeks went unpaid. The workplace simply ...
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How are salaries calculated for holidays falling during maternity leave?

My wife has taken maternity leave. She is a salaried, tenured public school teacher, but surprisingly the workplace does not offer maternity leave pay. She had a few weeks of sick leave accumulated, ...
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If someone files a claim for short term disability for maternity leave, would future premiums be adversely affected?

If filing a claim for maternity leave does not increase the premiums required in the future, is it because the insurance company is not allowed to use the information, because it is not predictive, or ...
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UK - wife declined for credit card due to pregnancy

My wife was recently declined for a credit card based solely on the fact she is 6 months pregnant and will soon be on maternity leave. The scenario details are as follows: Application was made in ...
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maternity leave - taxable income for U.S. citizen?

I am a dual U.S./Serbian citizen living in Serbia and currently on maternity leave, fully paid by the Serbian government. I cannot find any information on whether I’m supposed to report that as a ...
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Should my wife stay un-benefited during pregnancy?

We just found out my wife is pregnant. She's in the process of switching her employment status to what they call per diem, meaning she's not technically a full time employee, although she can (and ...
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Statute of limitations on disability pay for a once pregnant mother?

My wife took unpaid maternity leave from her job several months ago when she gave birth to our son. At the time we didn't apply for disability. She has now been back to work for several months. Can we ...
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What's the best way to handle FSA transactions in light of a pregnancy?

If a worker makes contributions to a dependent-care Flexible Spending Account, and that worker expects she will be on maternity leave for a portion of the year, much of which will be "unpaid", what is ...
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How should we deal with money during my spouse's maternity leave?

I recently realised that my partner is more anxious than I suspected about what we're going to do about money. Principally, she feels guilty for spending money on herself, and is worried about the ...
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What options exists if your wife's employer doesn't cover any type of maternity leave?

Recently I discovered that not all employers will cover maternity leave. Many will allow an expectant female to leave for a period of time, but it will be under a leave without pay license. Aside ...
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