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Is it a wash trade if I sell an ADR while buying its underlying in a foreign stock market?

Is it considered a wash trade if I sell my shares in BP plc ADR (New York Stock Exchange: BP) and simultaneously buy shares in BP plc (London Stock Exchange: BP)? From my understanding, it is ...
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Looks like the broker underjumps my ask price automatically

I start using a broker for crypto some 5 days ago but today I noticed whenever I offer lowest ask price the "guy" offers 1 pip lower price instantly, like really within a tenth of a second ...
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Are counterfeit shares and the "short ladder attacks" purporting to use them, real?

Are counterfeit shares and the "short ladder attacks" purporting to use them, real? Hi, long-time SE user here. As I would like to attract users with actual industry experience or expertise, ...
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Is it illegal to advertise stock tickers on billboards/social platforms/etc?

Potential answer: Is leveraging notoriety to raise stock prices illegal in the US? I'm having trouble finding an answer to this and given all the turmoil in the markets recently, I'm having a hard ...
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Is a Low Orbit Gamma Cannon illegal?

The recent/current GameStop situation with r/WSB vs Wall Street reminds me in some ways of the Low Orbit Ion Cannon, a tool in the 2000s that 4chan/Anonymous used to DDoS sites using the home ...
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Is it legal to drop share price through false statements? [duplicate]

Let's say the CEO of a multinational public company goes to an interview and says "we have hard times coming". Then, the share price drops. Later, the fiscal assets and report of the company ...
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Will I be investigated if I regularly profit from pump and dump scams?

Suppose I regularly profit from other people's pump and dump scams (assume that this is possible). I don't organize these scams (they are illegal); I merely hop on and hop off at the right times (...
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What is "market manipulation"?

What is market manipulation? When we can speak about market manipulation? Can "normal people" with a not so high budget manipulate the market?
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Is buying and selling stocks at the same price market manipulation?

At the end of the year, it might make sense to sell some stocks which currently are in the red to compensate gains made by other stocks for tax reasons. Usually, people only hold stocks if they are ...
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How does Stop Loss Hunting work?

I've seen a lot of videos warning about putting the stop loss too tight because there are stop loss hunters (usually big companies with a lot of money). But I cannot understand how they do that. I ...
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Level 2 manipulation: types and how to spot

I've heard in quite a few trader interviews and trading videos to be wary of manipulation tricks used in Level 2 (Depth-of-Market [DOM] and Time-of-Sale [TOS]) to deceive "retail" traders, ...
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