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Getting paid to like Instagram's posts? Scam?

My dad just told me that he had accepted a passive income job offer on WhatsApp where the task is to like the linked Instagram post every 20 minutes to earn money. The amount is too good for such job ...
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How are remisiers in Malaysia and Singapore different from stock brokers in other countries?

In Singapore and Malaysia, some (most?) investors buy stocks through a "remisier". Remisiers are apparently special enough to get their own Wikipedia page: A remisier (also known as a ...
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Saving question - I do not know where to start

I just finished my degree and I have been working in Malaysia for 3 months. Let's say that every month I have a salary of $2,550 and my expenses are: $300 taxes $500 to parent $300 toward ...
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If I work as a freelancer, do I need a company to invoice my customer?

I am from Malaysia. Recently, I found a company in Singapore that wants to hire me as a freelancer. How should we do the payments? I have a bank account in Singapore and I am wondering if there will ...
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L1 Visa Tax for working more than 183 days in US

I am an engineer from Malaysia and I will be working in the US starting 1st of March 2018. I know that I need to pay tax for my March income but do I need to pay to IRS for my previous months income (...
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Personal health insurance vs. Employees group insurance

I am having a dilemma on what action I should take with regards to my insurance plans. I am working for a company which provides employee group insurance (group plan) as my employee's benefit. However,...
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How do I bring money overseas?

I am Australian and am going to Malaysia in a few weeks. Now obviously I would like to bring some money with me so I can buy things like food and the such. What would be the best way to go about ...
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Dividends paid on stocks bought on Bursa Malaysia

Are dividends paid on stocks bought on Bursa, Malaysia taxable?
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For what reasons a bank deny basic saving account [duplicate]

I applied to open a basic saving account with Citibank few days back in Malaysia (I'm not a Malaysian citizen, nor I am an American). I work in Malaysia, and one of the strict conditions of the bank ...
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Withdrawal of MPF after 60-years old

I am a Malaysian, I worked in Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Ltd (HKICL) from Nov 2001 till Dec 2004. I resigned from HKICL and left Hong Kong in Dec 2004. My question: I am 60 year old now (my birth ...
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How should I split my salary between bank accounts when working abroad?

I am living in Canada and have accepted a temporary position in Kuala Lumpur for a year or two. The company has asked how much of my salary should be deposited in my Canadian account and how much in ...
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Buy US ETF as foreigner -- a bad idea?

I'm considering to buy index ETFs from US through TD Ameritrade, but as a non-resident alien (foreigner), my main concern is the 30% withholding tax on: all dividend (especially the bond ETFs) ...
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Is the no surcharge rule universal with regard to credit card purchases?

I am referring to this question. My situation is similar, except that I am in Malaysia rather than US. In US it is understood that it's part of their merchant agreement that they can not ...
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Malaysian real estate: How to know if the market is overheated or in a bubble?

I'm living in Malaysia, around Klang Valley. One thing I notice is that the housing price keeps on increasing and increasing and increasing ( just my perception, no data to backup my point), with no ...
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