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Maintenance requirement

I just deposited $600 in my TD Ameritrade account. I bought three stocks for $545. On the box it says $195 maintenance required. Does that mean that I have to deposit an additional $195?
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Used car with lower TCO

I'm looking at trying to save money by purchasing and driving a used car. However, I have no idea where to start other than the realization that the total cost of ownership is far more than just the ...
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3 answers

Weekly upkeep fund for cars, quantification thereof

My colleague in the states has the typical suburban collection of three cars in their family household a fairly new used car (a few yrs old; no factory warranty left) 2x $5000 range used cars after ...
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Zero cash buying power, what would margin maintenance be?

I have $0 cash buying power but have loads of margin buying power because of my current marginable securities. If I make a margin trade for any amount does that mean I have 0% equity in that position ...
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How to budget for home maintenance

Does anyone have any good ideas/estimates/sources for how my wife and I should budget for upkeep of the flat we've just bought and moved into. Most of the "hidden costs of home ownership" articles ...
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Am I entitled to get a maintenance loan?

I have an conditional offer from a university, course starting in September 2014. I have the UK nationality, but have only lived there for one year (I left when I was about one year old), and am now ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Should I lease, buy new, or buy used?

I'm looking for an answer based on quality (they don't make 'em like they used to), price (are new cars even worth the $), and/or reliability/low maintenance (where leasing is attractive) which option ...
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22 votes
5 answers

How can I tell if buying a cheaper car will end up costing me more?

Cars can be very expensive, so it seems like a good place to save money. However, I worry that getting a car that is too cheap, especially if buying used, may end up costing me more in maintenance, ...
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How to decide whether to replace or repair?

My car has apparently has a blown head gasket... The options at this point are basically: put $5k into an 8 year old car with 120k mi that is otherwise in good shape (with a 2 year warranty on the ...
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