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Can I paypal myself to get free money? [duplicate]

This quarter my credit card [Discover offers 5% cashback for using Paypal. At the end of the year, it matches all the cashback that I earned and thus I will earn a total of 10% cashback for using ...
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Is Elon Musk really exploiting a loophole to avoid taxes?

I've been loosely keeping up with some of the news about Elon Musk selling TSLA shares to pay for an upcoming tax bill (for exercising options from 2012). There is a lot of discussion surrounding this ...
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Couldn't I ship my own package for the seller to avoid sales tax?

My understanding of US practice is if I buy something from a seller who doesn't have a business presence in my state then I don't pay sales tax if it's being shipped to my state. If I live in state A ...
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Is credit card arbitrage still viable?

Are the common credit card arbitrage schemes still viable? (investing during the grace period or during a zero percentage balance transfer period) Haven't the credit card companies figured this out ...
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Roth-IRA penalty = effectively lowering short term capital gains rate to 10%

Although dubbed a penalty, does a Roth-IRA early withdrawal "penalty" effectively lower the short term capital gains rate to 10% instead of linked to your actual income bracket? As the early ...
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