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If I want to sell my 3 bed house in Nunhead London and buy a 2 bed flat in central London does it matter that the property market is falling?

Should I do this sooner rather than later? If it’s continuing to fall should I sell my house asap, wait and then buy when it hits rock bottom?? Or sell up and buy in Australia?!
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Reliable sources on house prices in the UK/London [closed]

I would like to understand whether the prices of homes/flats in some London boroughs (say Haringey or Islington) are going up or down in the last few months/years, and by how much. Even better, if ...
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A roadmap for buying a home in the UK (London) [closed]

I have lived in London for 16 years, always renting a flat, and lately wonder whether I should try to buy a home or go on renting. But I feel like I am missing framework for making such a choice. Is ...
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Percentage of homes bought in London for living in [closed]

I am investigating a possibility of buying a flat in London to live in. On Rightmove it is possible to see flats/homes that were recently sold, and often it looks like the price per number of square ...
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Do mortgage lenders in the UK consider stock grants or sign on bonuses?

I am employed as a software engineer in a company that grants shares and a sign on bonus. Do mortgage lenders in the UK take into consideration stock grants and annual sign on bonus (sign on bonus but ...
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What are the advantages to banks being located in the City of London (the Square Mile)?

This question is about the City of London, i.e., the Square Mile, not greater London. There are an awful lot of international banks located in the City of London. What advantages are there to having ...
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How much can I negotiate asking price on London rentals?

I'm moving to London soon and I'm trying to figure out how much higher, roughly are rent listings than the final rent landlords are expecting. Let's take as an example a 1-bed flat in East London ...
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Are median London prices noticeable higher than the rest of the UK?

It is common knowledge that London prices are much higher than that of the rest of the UK. However, I have heard that this isn't strictly true; the prices of most typical purchases from food and drink,...
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How to bet against the London housing market?

A lot of people are talking about a property bubble in London and I was wondering: how could you short the property market and bet on a crash? Is there any obvious way? Basically, how could someone ...
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Roughly how much more is the average salary of London compared to the north and south?

As the title states, roughly how does salary in London compare to a job in the south (say, Bristol), versus a job in the north (say, Leeds)?
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