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Should I sell mutual funds that are performing well or poorly first?

I have roughly equal investments across 4 different high-risk "growth" mutual funds -- let's just assume that other than all being high risk, they're fairly well diversified. Two of the ...
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How does losing money (under margin) work?

I am trying to understand how loss of money works when one uses margin. In the picture below, if price goes into the green area, I make money. If it goes into the red area, I lose money. Suppose I ...
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Why will SPY terminate in 2118?

Today, I discovered that the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE: SPY) is structured differently from most other ETFs; it appears to be structured as a Unit Investment Trust (UIT). I know that UITs have ...
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I need cash. What funds or stocks should I sell?

Context This is a somewhat hypothetical question, but something I need to plan for now-ish. The general advice in Sweden is to keep 3 months of mandatory expenses in a cash buffer with instant payout ...
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Where would my futures contracts go if the counterparty gets liquidated?

What would happen to my futures contracts such as S&P500 futures if the counterparty of my contracts gets liquidated due to a heavy use of leverage? Since futures contracts are made between two ...
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How can a preferred stock be liquidated below its issue price when reports are not filed?

I was reading an article about Income Investment Risks, where "reports might not be filed" was mentioned as one of the risks of investing in fixed-income securities (presumably preferred ...
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What is the probability of each tier of creditor/equity claims being made whole?

In bankruptcy, the broad "tiers" for debt settlement are: Secured debt (going in order of first lien to second lien and so on) Priority unsecured debt General unsecured debt Preferred ...
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Are shares I issue when forming my company "paid for" or "unpaid"? (UK Ltd Companies)

"There is no obligation to pay for shares unless the company is wound up or goes into liquidation. However, as most shares are issued to raise capital, it is common to pay for them when they are ...
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liquidation preference and other loop holes when joining startups who offer equity

There are lots of startups that want to provide equity in exchange for labor rather than a salary or a combination of both. Reading online it seems there are a ton of loopholes where I may not get ...
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sell stocks of liquidated indian company

I have stocks in Bellary Steel and Alloys that I got from my parents. When I checked the company, looks like it was liquidated. Is there anyway I can sell these shares or get money from them ?
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Can you get insurance on a leveraged trade

The number one rule in trading is to set a stop loss. However, unless you are in the top minority of traders, there's a good chance you'll set a stop loss that gets hit even on a winning trade. I'm ...
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