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Does sale need to come before purchase to be considered a like-kind exchange

Does sale need to come before purchase in order to be considered a like-kind exchange and avoid capital gains tax? When selling your home (primary residence) and purchasing a new one does the sale of ...
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How many times can one do a Sec. 1031 exchange, with the same capital?

I was given advice that if I wish to purchase another apartment, best to do a Sec. 1031 exchange with the one I own now. I might only want to live there for a few years. Can I do the Sec. 1031 ...
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Azerbaijan manat currency

Currently I have a Azerbaijan paper bill for 50000 manat from the year 1995. I would like to know if this bill still usable to trade in for USD?
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Does Germany has a Tax law similar to Like-kind exchange ( section 1031 of IRS in US)?

I am 24 year old software developer living in Germany. I am an expat here and I am about to receive my permanent residence (Niederlassungserlaubnis) in a year. I am very interested in investments ...
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Understanidng if a currency transaction report needs to be filed?

I frequently (every week or so) go to an ATM that is in a bank that I do not have an account in. I withdraw $500 and the machine dispenses $20 bills. I then walk up to the teller and exchange the ...
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Rental Property 1031 Exchange & Boot

Is a mortgage "boot" still considered a recognized gain even if the debt, LTV (loan to value) and purchase price have all increased or remained the same in the exchange? Note: If you aren't familiar ...
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Can I exchange rental property for REIT stock with 1031?

I currently own a rental property but would like to sell due to a number of factors with the property. I have been searching for a replacement property but there is not much for sale presently. I ...
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Capital Gains Puzzle

Assume there are two like-kind capital assets: A and B. Neither A nor B have ever been traded for dollars or any other currency prior to Day 1, and hence have no established market value. ...
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Do altcoin trades count as like-kind exchanges? (Deferred capital gains tax)

2018 EDIT: Although this post was inspirational, US Congress addressed this issue in the Tax Reform law of 2017, and any trades after Jan 1st 2018 cannot have this treatment. The few years of ...
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