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"Buy assets, not liabilities": How is it possible to buy a liability?

Some personal finance gurus such as Robert Kiyosaki claim that people should "buy assets, not liabilities". This made me wonder: is it even possible to buy a liability? From what I have ...
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stockholders equity is higher than total liabilities but the stockholders equity has "()" indicating it is negative. why is that?

Right column of balance sheet full view of balance sheet.
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How to find total equity from balance sheet of a company?

I was looking for balance sheet of a company to know about it's total assets, liabilities and equity price. I tried apply basic formula to get equity, which is 'Assets = Liabilities + Equity'. But, ...
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Can shareholders’ equity be more than total assets?

I was just learning about DuPont Identity on investopedia with this example: #DuPont Identity Example Calculation Assume a company reports the following financial data for two years: Year one net ...
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How do I use a liability account (in ledger-cli)?

I don't think this is only applicable to the software, but it's the one that I'm using. In the documentation it talks about using charitable giving (e.g. tithing) as a Liability. An example for 10% ...
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Receive liability as a present

My parents in law want to give my kids a used car as a present for their 17th birthday (about 8000 dollars). I know that this is going to add about 250 monthly on gas+taxes+maintenance to our expenses....
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Liability of Open Ended Investment Company in Ireland

As fas as I was able to find in web, there are three main company types in Ireland: Limited companies Unlimited companies Funds I need to know a liability of the shareholders of Open Ended ...
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Credit card expenses showing as Liabilities in QuickBooks

I have a business and I have a company credit card. I have linked this card with my QuickBooks online account. When I pull a "balance sheet comparison" report for the year, it is showing an amount in ...
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What is a term for the elements of a balance sheet?

What is a term for the elements of a balance sheet? Specifically I need a term that includes assets, liabilities, and owners equity. This term (t) needs to be one where I can say x "is a" t where x ...
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Total assets and current assets

I was looking into company investment data and was doing some ratio calculation when I stumbled upon 4 Terms "Total Assets", "Current Assets", "Total Liabilities", "Current Liabilities". My instinct ...
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How do I calculate my own assets?

What should I include in my asset calculations? How do I know what is an asset and what is a liability?
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Where to record existing assets when starting double-entry accounting

Very rarely would anyone start recording their accounting with zero assets or liabilities. Question is - under which account would you record them? Specifically, if you own property, you would debit ...
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How would a collection against me affect my credit

I went to a new city two weeks ago and rented a 2011 Civic in the meantime. On the last week of the rental, someone hit my car in the front bumper in a parking lot. The damage was a 2 by 3 inch dent ...
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How should I document mandatory furlough in GNUCash?

My union contract requires a certain number of furlough hours be taken over the next year and a half. Furloughs are basically unpaid vacation--I don't show up, and don't get paid. How should I ...
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