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2 answers

What is the soonest that major US federal income tax law changes normally take effect?

If the US Congress passes major changes to federal income tax laws, such as new income tax rates, what is the soonest that those changes would normally take effect? Would it be the same year, if ...
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1 answer

Could the pending tax legislation affect my 2017 taxes?

Congress is currently trying to iron out the details of comprehensive tax bill. Currently there are similar versions of the bill passed by both the House and Senate, so party leaders are trying to ...
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Does the proposed tax reform make it so that you have to pay taxes on scholarships?

I came across an analysis of the tax reform bill in which its author suggests that tuition paid by a school or scholarship will be treated as taxable income under the new rules, and wasn't under the ...
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Has the likelihood of getting a lower interest rate by calling & asking been reduced by recent credit card regulations?

Have the recent CARD act made reduced the likelihood of getting a rate reduction if you call and ask the card company's service department?
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What effect will the financial reform bill have on everyday Americans?

It looks like Congress made substantial progress towards passing the Financial Reform Bill today, but I really know very little about what is actually in it, and what I do know seems very complex. ...
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