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Does a post-dated check have any *valid* use for delaying payment?

I was recently witness to a salesman claiming that a customer could post-date a check to guarantee their check would not be cashed before the item they just ordered was received. I was under the ...
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What constitutes illegal insider trading?

The SEC defines illegal insider trading as: [...] buying or selling a security, in breach of a fiduciary duty or other relationship of trust and confidence, while in possession of material, ...
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Found a heap of BTC but have no documentation. What do I do?

Many years ago, I bought around 400 BTC for a few hundred dollars (?) and stored them in a hard drive. Shortly after that, I lost this hard drive, wrote it off as an "Oh well" and didn't think ...
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A friend asks me all the time to pick up money for her (Western Union, Moneygram)

A friend of mine trades Bitcoin and often asks me to pick up money for her, i.e., someone sends money to me (on my name) and I just pick it up and give it to my friend. The amounts are usually around $...
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How far removed from source does one need to be to avoid Insider Trading?

As I tried to research and ponder this question, I couldn't help but wonder: How many steps (i.e., persons) removed does one need to be from a source of material/non-public information regarding a ...
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How can I avoid being fined or penalized because my accountant might have failed to file my taxes on time?

I decided to use a CPA because my tax situation got complicated this year. I have attempted to contact my accountant several times and cannot get a response from him at all. It is now after the ...
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Is Stock Trading legal for a student on F-1 Visa in USA? [duplicate]

I'm an international student in US on F1 Visa. I just want to know if how legal is trading stocks on my visa status. I've found some posts on quora that say Trading is completely legal, but should not ...
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Is it acceptable to balance transfer a credit card's balance to itself?

Is it acceptable to balance transfer credit card debt to the same card? Often, balance transfer promotions come as checks in the mail, and I learned that you may write that check to yourself and ...
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I’m a low income non resident alien which don’t fill United States Tax returns. Can I claim to get an ITIN under French tax treaty?

Let’s be clear. I’m not concerned by any disposition for the tax treaty nor I can file a tax return and the real purpose is to open a bank account. But I far I understand, if I claim a benefit of the ...
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Can a company block a specific person from buying its stock?

Say there is a very rich, very unpopular individual. This individual wishes to buy millions of dollars in stock in a company he or she thinks will be successful. The company, however, realizes that by ...
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Closed account, haven't received payment. When has the bank "stolen" my money?

Background I closed a checking account over 40 days ago at a large national bank in the US. I was told I would receive a check for the remainder (>$1000) in one to two weeks. I still have not ...
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Can a CEO short his own company?

I'm just curious, it seems a CEO could make a lot of money by shorting a huge amount of shares on his company through a third party and then purposefully tanking the company before being fired. Surely ...
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Non-Resident Alien investing in a Vanguard mutual fund: is this allowed?

first a little bit of background about me. I'm a phd student on an F1 visa. I have been in the US for a little over 2.5 years and I expect to stay here for about the same length of time. Because I've ...
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How to get back the money that you lent someone? [closed]

I lent a friend a few hundred dollars a couple of years ago. Initially, he agreed to pay me back in a few months, but it never happened. The only evidence that I have is my check slip and also a long ...
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Can you legally invest (i.e. avoid Insider Trading) when you know insider employees?

I have a family member ("Sue") that works for "Company A", which is currently working for another company ("Company B"). Me > Sue > Company A > Company B I know nothing about company B except their ...
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How can Ponzi schemes be detected and legally prosecuted?

Out of curiosity: How can Ponzi schemes be detected? What are the conditions to be classified as a Ponzi scheme? What are the legal means to prosecute such schemes? A Ponzi scheme "operator" can ...
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Can a company control its stock through contracts with stockholders?

A question yesterday, Can a company refuse to sell stock?, had asked about if a company could prevent sale of its stock to certain parties. The accepted answer was that, no, a company can't put ...
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Should an independent mobile game developer incorporate a business?

The story is thus: I am on the verge of publishing my first app, but I was thinking whether I should incorporate or not. I am an accounting student, albeit in second year with a budget of $1000. I am ...
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What does it mean for a company to redeem its preferred stock?

What does this excerpt of legalese mean? Commencing on November 4, 2020, we may redeem, at our option, the Series A Preferred Stock, in whole or in part, at a cash redemption price of $25.00 ...
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Buying cryptocurrency for a friend at exchange

Registering and buying currency (bitcoin) at an exchange is not a smooth experience for most. If I am registered at an exchange, can I buy for people (friends and family)? I think it might involve ...
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Are the sellers selling pre-IPO shares over these websites legitimate or fake?

The websites which are selling block of Facebook,Twitter and other companies are given below with the explanation which I think is fake and is not legitimate.However I have contacted both of the firms ...
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Moving to Europe, savings in the US, alien both in Europe and the US, trying to maximize exchange rates

This question has several parts, but the underlying story is the following: I currently live in the US, I am moving to Europe (specifically, France) in a couple of months, for at least two years. I ...
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Where is public stock ownership legally registered and how can it be transferred (ignoring brokers) [closed]

(If required, answers may assume I am asking about the situation in the US) Where does stock ownership ultimately mean if we ignore middle men like brokers. Does the company itself keep a record of ...
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Why does E-Trade plan to release some tax forms later than specified in IRS Publication 1220?

Why does E-Trade plan to release some tax forms later than specified in IRS Publication 1220? Example: 1099-INT is planned to be released on February 15, 2020 according to
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