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Please use specific tags wherever possible: "auto-leasing" for Automobile or Vehicle leasing and "real-estate-leasing" for Real Estate related questions. This tag is for any questions that don't fit into those two options.

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What are the consequences of breaking a lease and leaving the country as non-citizen in Ohio

I have a lease until the end of September 2024 in Ohio. I’m a non-citizen who is going back to his home country in the beginning of May. I might have a cancer and I don’t have an insurance in the U.S ...
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First-time cash buyer buying a leasehold flat with 57 years remaining

Intro There is a flat in London that has 57 years left on the lease and the seller/owner has to sell it within 6 months because banks don't give mortgage due to financial circumstances and age which ...
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Medical Transfer Apartment Lease

I did a medical transfer from one apartment to a smaller one. I wasn’t given a date of when everything needed to be removed from the old apartment. Can I be charged rent on both apartments if I was ...
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What is the correct way to calculate money factor for a lease?

I am trying to figure out the correct way to calculate the money factor for a lease that I'm considering at this time. A few sources have indicated the correct way being as follows: MF = LC / [(CC+RV)*...
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Calculating the comparative value of a lease vs a purchase?

I've got some company allowance toward home office costs, and there's a "preferred supplier" that - in the fine print - is actually leasing the equipment, not selling it. If the RRP of ...
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guarantor's responsibility if lease is completed, but tenants refuse to leave

We signed a lease guaranteeing the rent for our son. He was expected to pay when he got on his feet, but has made no payments. We have paid all monthly payments and there are 2 months left on the ...
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Signed a cheap lease, Texas apartment complex wants me to resign a more expensive one [closed]

I have been in an apartment complex for over a year now. I got a new lease offer $100 less than it is currently for next year both verbally and I just signed the lease at this new rate. That was the ...
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Early lease cancelation in New Jersey

I rented an apartment in New Jersey before starting my job, right after I had my H1-B interview and I was told my visa was approved. Now I just found out that my visa was sent for administrative ...
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Is a Co signer on a leased vehicle responsible for damages?

I co-signed for my sister car a couple years back. It was a leased car. And with leased cars you have to pay for all the damages you have caused. As a co signer am I the one responsible to pay for ...
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Why lease option is so high when purchasing Tesla in Poland?

I am trying to understand what am I paying for when I purchase Tesla based on monthly instalments in Poland. When I try to pre-order Tesla Model 3 in the US site everything seems simple and self ...
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Can Leased Assets be Collateralized?

Consider leasing something. Typical examples are a three-year car lease or renting an apartment. Although there is no "down payment" per se, typically, a lessee does put some sort of ...
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Can I list an occupied property for rent prior to lease renewal date?

I own a property in Philadelphia, PA that I lease two tenants. Per the lease, they are required to inform me if they would like to renew the yearly lease on September 1st, one month before the end of ...
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What's the best way to quickly get a car on low budget with a poor credit score?

I am starting a new position somewhere that I'll absolutely need a car, so I have to buy one. But I have a poor credit score, so the best APR rate I can receive is about 18%. That means financing a ...
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Dealer is pressuring me to return the leased car and lease another car

I leased an SUV for 3 years, 36K miles, and the lease is due in a month and I only used 10k miles. The car is "full-option" and the buyout price is visible in the portal where I make the ...
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When the lease on the land on which one's house is located expires in China, how does the renewal work and how is its cost determined?

From my understanding, when someone purchases a house or condominium in China, they typically receive a 70-year lease for the land on which the house or condominium is located. The land is still ...
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How to negotiate a lease when residual values on used cars are so high?

Negotiating a fair lease payment is usually boiled down to considering the depreciation value and finance charge - which involves the capitalized cost, residual value, and money factor. In the past, ...
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Lease a Car or Buy a Car? Excel Sheet Comparison

I did an Excel Sheet trying to compare between a Car Lease and a Car Purchase. By "Car Lease" I mean maybe to what is called "hire purchase scheme"; a monthly payments that at the end of the period (...
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what happens if i move out 5 months before the lease ends? moving out on 4/30 and lease ends on 9/30!

what happens if I happen to move out early 5 months before my lease ends? my lease ends on 9/30 and I move out on 4/30.. on the lease it states that if a tenant moves out early before the lease ends ...
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Should I sell back a lease early in order to improve Debt-to-Income?

My wife and I just started the process of buying our first home. I've noticed DTI is very important as far as how much home you can get pre-approved for. Knowing this, I have started thinking of ways ...
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Should tenant be allowed to have rent due on x days past start of the lease?

A tenant ask if he could pay rent on the 10th of the month when the lease starts on the first. Is this common or be allowed? Seems like he is asking for 10 days of courtesy habitation.
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Looking for a new job - how do I handle my landlord with apartment lease renewing?

Due to personal reasons, I am seeking employment in a different state. I haven't yet found a job - in fact I only just started my search - but I know that I will want to move, and I will want to be ...
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Finding weekly interest on loan payments

In order to know how much interest I will be paying on weekly basis, I have this information: Capital: 313 pounds APR: 48.5% Payments periods: 104 weeks How do I know how much interest I'm paying ...
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What risks are there to co-signing an apartment if I get the money upfront?

My girlfriend is getting an apartment since she'll be away at school for 6 months. She's an international student so can't legally work off campus, but she has more than enough money to cover the ...
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Early Lease Termination

If I am served with a letter from Management indicating that my lease expires 1/29/2020 and it will not get renewed and if i am not out of the apartment by 12/30/2019 will receive an eviction notice....
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Recording rental deposit return minus cleaning fees

This is a question about Double-Entry Bookkeeping. I am having a hard time correctly recording the fact that due to shared cleaning fees I owe the subleasee less than the deposit he gave me. These ...
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Lease equipment to someone or sell it? [closed]

I am currently designing a data logging system for an interested party. The cost of the items assembly and purchase is about $100 (board, power supply, 2 sensors). I want to get lets say 15$/month ...
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How to determine lease vs buy for specific scenario of a Tesla Model 3 I plan to keep 3 years

I want a Tesla Model 3. Like this guy How to determine car loan length as a function of how long I plan to keep a car I (using his words): ...plan to keep for 3 years (see below for why) I am ...
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My mother co-signed for my car. Can she take it away from me if I am the one making car payments?

My credit is in the low 500s and I was unable to get a car loan. My mom cosigned for me and I've now had a beautiful car for three months. I've been making on-time payments, the registration is in my ...
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Should I move out from my current apartment before the contract ends to save more money?

I'm renting a room at $800 per month. I've lived here 2 months and I have a contract of 12 months. So, I have 10 more months before the contract ends. I have deposited $1300 as a security deposit. ...
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options when car is worth more than lease buyout costs

My wife has a leased vehicle that is reaching the end of lease in a couple of months. She is planning on getting a lease on a new vehicle, but is over a substantial amount on the mileage (I think ...
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Selling your leased car before its lease is over

I leased my car in June 2017 for 36 months and currently 14 months left from my lease. I want to sell the car and lease a SUV. Details listed below: The car is a Honda Accord The residual value is $...
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Leaving my apartment early

So I have 7 months left on my lease, and my lease says If I leave early I must pay every month of rent plus a $2,500 fee. But what if I just move out and continue to pay rent each month for the ...
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Moving out of apartment 2 months early but rent's already paid

I signed a lease for a year and my lease for my apartment ends on July 27, 2019. My rent for this apartment is already paid off fully because I paid in advance and utilities are included in the rent ...
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For tax purposes, does it make more sense for me to lease or buy equipment for my solo business?

I own a UX consulting business, which is a single-member LLC, and work for clients remotely. When I first bought my work computer several years ago, I bought it from its manufacturer's site and ...
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How can a soon-to-expire lease at a low rate ruin a business’s profit margins?

Source: p 335, Investing For Canadians For Dummies, 3 Ed (2009) by Tony Martin, Eric Tyson If the company leases its space, what does the lease contract say? ¿ A soon-to-expire lease at a low ...
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