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For legal questions relating to personal finance. Note that Stack Exchange does *not* provide legal advice; for questions with potentially serious legal ramifications, consult a lawyer specializing in the law in question.

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Does Canada have regulations regarding "shorting against the box"?

If you hold a long position in a stock and believe it will go down but don't want to realize any gains, you can a open short position in that same stock to hedge against any drops in the price. This ...
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FBAR/Form 8938 implications for US heir/beneficiaries of foreign estates

This is a somewhat technical question and I'm hoping someone here has actual experience in handling this; it should be a quite common situation in the US, but I couldn't find any direct information: ...
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Applicabilty of COBS to PRIIPs

Under FSMA 2000 and the subsequent amendments, the FCA is empowered in the UK to develop rules and guidance for authorised firms to adhere to. These are generally captured in the FCA Handbook, itself ...
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What is the equivalent of a nominee system in US banks?

If I want to ensure that my bank account funds are transferred to my parents, who live in India, (I would assume through some legal proceedings) in my absence, is there any method to nominate them ...
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Can I sue the car dealership for fraud if they let my ex finance a car under my name?

About 4 years ago (2018), i was living with my ex and I leased a car for 3 years but under my name only. 2 years later (2020), we broke up but i let her use the car for the last year of the lease. ...
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Consumer Contracts Regulations (2013): Returns and Exemptions

This question is regarding the Consumer Contract Regulations (2013) in UK law. I have chosen to post on here, rather than law.SE, since my question is regarding monetary refunds for items purchased. ...
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Employee benefits not signed up by hr

I enrolled in life insurance for myself and my husband on hire and open enrollment. He now has passed away. The life insurance company said hr never enrolled him. So no policy. Do I have any recourse? ...
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If the broker invokes this clause to sell assets to themselves on death, how is the price determined?

Recently I was considering opening a new brokerage account and found the following troubling clause in the account agreement: The transcription, with my emphasis added: You authorize us and we ...
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Employee contract review in the UK: What's a reasonable price to pay?

I'm a techie in the UK and wanted to have my contract reviewed by a lawyer in order to understand specifically what I can and can't do outside of work. For example, whether I could consult on the side ...
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European nomad, moving every few years. Tax residence and capital gains tax on purchase and sell of ETFs/Funds

This might be a silly question. Let's say I change jobs and country of residence-always within the European Union-every 3 years, purchasing monthly the same ETF through a local broker on each ...
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Are IRAs and 401(k)s insured against theft?

If someone steals (maybe by logging in with stolen credentials) from a person's retirement account, is that money gone, or are accounts insured against theft and hacking? Edit: it sounds from the ...
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Unauthorized withdrawal of money from my savings account by Bank

I have a Savings Account in a Bank. The bank withdrew money (₹ 1,75,000/-) from my savings account by account without any authorization (no check, no withdrawal slip, or anything of the kind). My bank ...
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401k plan employee rights?

Is it legal for my employer to know what I'm doing with my money that is in the 401k, that comes from my employer, without my consent? Is the financial services company that manages my 401k permitted ...
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