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Is being a landlord a good idea? Is there a lot of risk?

A few days ago I asked a way to generate a passive income. It seems the best I can expect is about 2k from a 50k invest at a low risk. However, if I can buy a house for 150k and rent it out, I can ...
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2 answers

As a private landlord, how can I choose a good tenant?

I have 2 rental houses and I'm sick of real estate agents who provide bad service. I have changed real estate brokers 3 times over the past 5 years and I have come to the conclusion that I am the best ...
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11 votes
4 answers

What to ask a tenant on a rental application to determine if their income is stable?

I have a residential rental unit standing empty now; the last tenant – the first I'd signed myself since buying the place – turned out bad. Thankfully, not in the tear-the-place-up sense, ...
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Landlords: what's the maximum amount of time to allow a guest of tenant to stay in a rental?

As the title says, but with these details: I have a rental unit; this situation has come up with a potential tenant. This tenant has an adult daughter, who, the tenant volunteered, has an unstable ...
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What steps are required to transfer real estate into a LLC?

I'm a fairly new landlord, and learning as I go. Apparently one of the early mistakes I made when purchasing my rental properties was buying them under my name instead of forming a Limited Liability ...
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Moving and renting out my house

Currently I have a mortgage on my house, the mortgage is £2000. I am moving to another city, but don't wish to sell my house, the rental value is £1500. Does it make sense for me to 'cover' the £500?...
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