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Husband's earning in the USA and mine from India | How to report in joint USA tax return

Please do not confuse it with this question here. It is about a different source of income and a different filling status. Context: I came to the USA via F2 (student visa) in September 2021 after ...
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Can self-employed skip quarterly tax payement if compensated by spouse extra witholding?

Suppose a couple made a one employed spouse and one self-employed spouse. Further suppose that the couple choose to file jointly. Instead of having the self-employed spouse pay anticipated taxes of x$ ...
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Withholding as single and filing as married jointly: question after W4 changed?

My wife and I went to a tax return preparation agency to do our 2022 taxes. This was the first time we were married for a full tax year. We're in the USA. We owed a very large amount, and the tax ...
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H4 EAD, Married, wants to file tax separately. What would be implications on green card processing?

I am married and currently working full time on H4 EAD. Last year we filed tax jointly but each of us felt we received less returns than expected. Also the refund goes to my spouse's bank account ...
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