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10 answers

Which practice to keep finances after getting married: joint, or separate?

My wife and I have been keeping our finances separate for a long time. Some of my friends just put everything in a big pot. We each have our own pot, but then we have a common pot where we put all ...
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5 answers

Joint bank account - is this normal?

I've recently opened a joint bank account with my fiancee. And yet, everything seems to be in his name, with me tacked on as an afterthought. Is this the normal way of doing things? If I were to move ...
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Would there be issues with giving someone a gift out of a joint account if the total is over the annual limit per person?

My sister and I would like to give another relative $25,000 as a gift. We have a joint bank account together, and had planned on writing a single check from the joint account for the full amount. We ...
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Cashing a joint check

My girlfriend (over 18) is estranged from her parents, but recently discovered money in her name in the form of stocks. She sold the stocks, but the company that handled the transaction sent a check ...
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