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Working remotely for a Japanese company as a non-resident outside Japan

As the title suggests, I am currently performing remote work as an intern for a Japanese company. I am non-Japanese nationality residing outside of Japan. Am I subject to the flat non-resident tax of ...
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Transferring tax-free trust fund proceeds from UK to Japan

I should be coming into a reasonably large sum of money from a trust fund in my and other family members' names being dissolved (or whatever the correct technical term is) such that if I was domiciled ...
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Is it legal to open account and invest in my born country if I am currently working in Japan?

I have my identity and I am able to open investment account (for ETF, stocks and FX) in Hong Kong. I now hold a working visa and work in Japan. The tax rate is high in Japan and my Japanese is ...
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strategy to move funds between international accounts

I need to transfer funds from my German funds portfolio to an international broker. Most of my assets are in the profitable zone now. Only two are negative currently. I wondered which strategy might ...
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When to pay IT in India on income in Japan under DTAA?

I am staying in Japan and have signed for paying IT in India under DTAA. My company will give me statement of income while I return to India after full stay period, i.e., two years. Do I pay tax ...
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International wire transfer confusion between the US and Japan

The recipient Tokyo bank is Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (SWIFT Code MTBCJBJT). This bank after mergers may now be the MUFG Bank (SWIFT Code BOTKJPJT). First confusion is which SWIFT Code to use? XXX at the ...
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