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Will US brokers accept me? I'm a citizen of Iran but a resident of Georgia

Any citizens of Iran here who can share their experience?
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How do you live or survive in an area with hyper-inflation?

I live in a place where the cost of products and services are rising rapidly and exponentially while people's earnings are almost the same with only minimal changes. For example, you need to work for ...
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Title of tax type

What is the title of the tax type that a small business pays when they submit a tax return? Is it the income tax? Also, there are some small corporations that do not sell anything but offer services. ...
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Is it wise to buy a car in a high inflation rate?

A couple of my friends are planning on buying a car, and asked me to take part, so every one will own 1/3 of it. Here are some facts about me: The inflation rate in my country (Iran) is high. It's ...
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