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No BID and ASK on IBKR

While following Interactive Brokers (IBKR Mobile) Tutorial | From Zero to Hero on my iPhone, I noticed I don't have any numbers in the BID and ASK sections. What does that mean?
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How can this iPhone scam be economically viable? [closed]

If I understand this article correctly, they buy a new iPhone, replace an expensive part of it with a cheap knock off, return the "broken" phone to have it replaced and finally sell the expensive part ...
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My telecom provider is offering a discount before a predicted drop in phone price; why?

Currently I have a 2 year phone plan that ends in early October. This plan came with a smartphone – an iPhone SE – so every month I pay for both minutes/data and the phone. Since Apple predictably ...
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What are the pros and cons of buying an item on installments with zero percent interest?

For example, currently Verizon is advertising an iPhone 6s for either $649.99 or 24 monthly payments of $27.08, i.e., $649.92, which is essentially equal and there is no interest. The obvious ...
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Price drop protection on Apple iPhone

Two of my credit cards (Discover and Citi) have programs for cardholders that allow you to buy a product and if the price drops in certain amount of time, file a requests to be reimbursed the ...
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Add phone to my parents phone plan

My employer recently offered to take over financial responsibility of my cell phone. Because of that switch, my wife's phone is the only device on our AT&T phone plan. I was talking things over ...
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Filing Tax on Income Received from iPhone App

I have two applications in the app store which are doing fine! I wanted to know how do I report the income to the IRS that I received from my iPhone apps. I called IRS and they told me to report as ...
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Is an iPhone insurance or warranty a good buy, or a waste of money?

I normally don't pay for product protection plans or extended warranties on electronic devices, but I just got a new iPhone 4, and it sits at the nexus of portability (losable and drop-able) and high ...
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Should I trust barcode iPhone apps? Are they secure for rewards and airmiles points collection?

My husband downloaded all kinds of iPhone apps that mimic the barcodes on my rewards cards such as AirMiles, Aeroplan, Longo's, Hallmark etc. Are these types of applications secure?
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