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With 500k in Netherlands, Best path towards regular income, settle mortgage and rent or sell and invest?

Currently I live in Netherlands. I have come to a crossroad and I'm interested to hear other opinions and advice on investment for a regular stable long term income. My ultimate intention is to secure ...
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Generic FV of PV Formula with equal inflation and savings rate

I’m trying to arrive at a formula that allows me to determine the future value of a present savings amount (P), given the following: Period (p): e.g., Annual (p=1), Semiannual (p=2), Quarterly (p=4), ...
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US Federal Income Tax: 3.8 % Investment Tax owed if Deductions are greater than AGI?

For 2021, my charitable deductions were much greater than my AGI. I think all I owe to the Feds on Income Tax for 2021 is the 3.8% tax on Investment Income. Correct? Or not?
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How much money is needed to get an investment bank account? [closed]

I heard somewhere that to open a bank account in the Lazard-Rothschild bank, you need to have 2 million euros. Is that true? More generally, I would like to know what is the minimal amount of money ...
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Withdrawing funds from a professional money management account

I would like to invest some cash from my saving account into a professional money management account, for example, Fidelity Go being a robo advisor so that somebody else (not me) takes care of all ...
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Is it a good idea to invest in a small-scale solar power plant for income? [closed]

Right now I have a good income from my software engineering job and want to supplement that with a small solar power plant (costing between 5000€ - 7000€) and sell power to the grid. I would be happy ...
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How are options used to avoid capital gains taxes on shares?

This question is based on this quote from another online resource. I had been reading about common methods of tax avoidance for the super wealthy, and this one didn't make sense to me. One cunning ...
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Investment Accounts in My Name

My father-in-law has opened and manages several investment accounts in my husband's name. From time to time he has offered to invest my husband's money in the accounts but has always stated that the ...
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End balance after x years of an account with fixed interest rate and growing withdrawals

I am looking for a formula to calculate the balance on my savings account after x years whereby this savingsaccount has a fixed interest rate and my withdrawals increase each year (because of ...
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Investment vs Income Tax

For a private employee in India, with an income of INR 6.5 lacs per annum, to minimize IT under 80C, which investment is most beneficial?
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safe investment for elderly

I'm helping with choosing investments for an elderly person. They just want to park their money and not be in the market, so something relatively safe for somebody in their nineties. They aren't ...
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investing in mutual fund vs. rental property over 10 - 15 years

I have about $75K currently in a mutual fund. I've been considering adding an extension on to my house as a rental apartment, for which I think I could get $1200 - $1500/month currently. After 10 or ...
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Does the 3.8% tax surcharge include income below $200,000?

For a single taxpayer, I have read that there is a 3.8% surcharge on investment income if the person makes more than $200,000 from all sources. Does that even include the income below $200,000? For ...
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