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The client wants only w-2, is there a way to route this via LLC?

I have an LLC registered and operating in USA. I produce content. My client is in DC. I would like to provide services using the content that my LLC owns. The client is not directly buying the content,...
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Can travel expenses be deducted from Form 1040A if they were used to gather material for a book?

I read in Lassiter's Tax Guide that travel expenses could be deducted from 2016 Form 1040 or Form 1040A if they were for business purposes. I spent money on airplane flights from North Carolina to ...
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Like a Roth IRA for intellectual property, offshore assignment?

Roth IRA's let people avoid capital gains tax completely and defer a collateralized income tax for decades. Bundling some investments and property in offshore entities in jurisdictions that ...
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Optimal pricing of close to zero marginal cost content

Not a personal finance question per se but regarding finance and money - The type of economy and content Chris Anderson writes about in Long Tail and Free, essentially defined by close to zero ...
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How does a new employee maintain their existing intellectual property when taking a job with a large company?

The standard employment contracts of many large companies state that any intellectual property (IP) developed by an employee while in employment - even outside of working hours - belongs to the ...
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