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What is the standard deviation for a stock?

One suggestion for when to take profits is when a stock rises 1 standard deviation. But what is the standard deviation for a stock looking forward? Is the mean the mean of the SPY, the mean of this ...
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How total volume indicator $TVOLI is calculated?

The value of dow jones industrial average total volume indicator "$TVOLI" is just about 50,000 , while there are millions of shares traded each day in these 30 stocks. How is this indicator ...
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Why do Bollinger Bands typically use a standard deviation of 2?

In Bollinger Bands, one of the parameters is standard deviation. I was told that this parameter is usually set to 2. I searched around the internet, and nearly all websites say the same thing, but ...
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Are the values for all technical indicators obtained from an asset's price?

There are several types of technical indicators, for example, trend, momentum, volatility & volume. My question is, are the values for all indicators obtained from an asset's price? If not, what ...
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What data points does a Simple moving Average Indicator use to update in real time?

I understand that the SMA is just the mean of the last closing prices in a given period. What i don't understand is how this can be drawn in real time, given that EOD closing prices only change once ...
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Why does the Moving Average indicator change values depending on the size of my view?

I added a 200 period moving average indicator to a Yahoo Finance graph. I assume that "period" denotes 1 day, but I am seeing unexpected behavior. In the 1 day view the latest value of the moving ...
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