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to be used for any questions related to Index funds. The question should clearly state the Index in question [Nasdaq,LSE] or the fund house in question. If the question is generic with the intention to understand how the funds work, then a specific example should be quoted to get a better answer.

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Is there non taxable investment account (like UK ISA) equivalent in Switzerland? How does one make tax-efficient Swiss investments?

While we were living in the UK, we were using our extra money to invest in index funds via ISA accounts. On these specific accounts, you do not pay Captial Gain Tax and they are excellent for long ...
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Investing in index funds in Cyprus?

I'm currently based in Cyprus and wanted to invest euros into the world's stock markets via index funds with low expense ratios. Research thus far into retail investing options here isn't promising. ...
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Diversification vs VTSAX

What advantage do I gain by holding a mix of mutual funds over just VTSAX? One oughtn't put all one's eggs in one basket. One mitigates risk by holding multiple distinct asset classes in multiple ...
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How a Gross Total Return ETF or Net Total Return ETF can be marked DIST

From the definition I've found about net and Gross Total Return indexes: A Net Return Index includes reinvesting dividends after withholding tax A Gross Return Index includes reinvesting dividends ...
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Dividend Leakage for European Vanguard funds

I recently stumbled upon an article warning European investors about "dividend leakage" when investing in Vanguard funds as a European investor due to a dividend tax within Ireland from which the ...
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What is the unhedged version of VBU?

I know I should be able to find this, but I don’t see it listed anywhere online. I want to find the Canadian version of Vanguard’s total US Bond index (BND), I see VBU but this is hedged against the ...
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Finding brokers to invest in US index funds that support iraq

I live in iraq and i would like to invest in US index funds.looking at the popular brokers like robinhood and vanguard they state that they don't support investing from my country.Googling for iraqi ...
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What would happen to my investment in a fund if the managing bank collapsed?

Based on advice in a book I've been reading (Investing Demystified), I've put a lot of my money in an 'all world' index fund, managed by HSBC. This is based on the premise that an all world fund is ...
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American investing in the FTSE 100

Let's say I want to place a bet on the success of an economically independent England. How would an American investor go about buying into the FTSE 100 (or similar) through ETrade, Vanguard, or ...
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How much are index providers accountable to their clients?

Criticism on index providers: The increasing influence of indices means that some critics argue that benchmark providers such as MSCI are too powerful, given that promotions or relegations can ...
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Invest 100k in the Short Term Until It Could be Used to Buy an Investment Real Estate Property

I have a little more than 100k in my savings account. I have been keeping (and accumulating) that money in the savings account hoping to invest it in some kind of an asset (real estate etc.). However, ...
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What's the implication of index fund dividend yields outperforming the 30-yr treasury?

On a year-on-year basis, dividend yields of index funds are greater than even the 30-year treasury coupons; the spread is even more pronounced on shorter-dated treasuries. For instance, a year's worth ...
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How can I obtain country weights for the MSCI world?

I would like to build a portfolio from MSCI (or other index suppliers') market capitalization indices using ETFs. The portfolio should follow the relative size of the gross domestic product as closely ...
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As an individual investor can I buy FSPTX in the UK?

Not much to add here. I was just looking at different index funds and FSPTX caught my attention with its extraordinary performance. I was just wondering if it is possible to buy it in the UK as an ...
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Are there speculative ETFs analogous to investment funds?

Are there ETFs that bundle up highly speculative investments with high risk/reward profiles? For instance, they might currently include Zambian, Nigerian, Brazilian and Venezuelan bonds; ...
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Lower-cost index funds vs. managed (higher-cost) tax-advantaged IRAs?

If having to choose between a non-retirement lower cost index fund and a managed higher cost IRA (both traditional and Roth), which is less impeded and likely to grow more long-term? Put another way, ...
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Why waste money buying index funds when you can can buy all the stocks on index on your own?

I've got a question. As we know that index funds puts money on all the stocks of a particular index(say Dow index) - on all 30 stocks present in the Dow index. My question is if I have enough capital ...
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