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What is the best way to manage my savings and possibly increase my cash flow despite inflation in Egypt?

With the very quickly rising prices in Egypt, What is the best way to manage my savings and possibly increase my cash flow? I’ve also got some ideas, Are they good or not? Ideas that I have: Work as ...
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How do I use my spare money? (Brazil)

I am writing this question because I want to know what are the best options for using my spare money. Hence, let me first describe my situation: Who am I? I am a 24 years old no child single male. ...
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When the government starts to print money, buy a house to double or triple your money?

It seems it is so obvious, but is it true? When the government starts to do "quantitative easing" or print money, then the price of a house can go from $1.2 million to $1.5 million easily, ...
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The Venezuela Stock Market Crashed 99.90% on March 15th, 2021. What happened and why? Was looking at the graph above for the Venezuela Stock Market and the Caracas Stock Exchange Stock Market Index crashed 99.90% over the weekend of ...
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Hyperinflation effects on mortgages [closed]

Is it conceivable that some kind of monetary reform would be carried out in western countries (or Europe, or Switzerland if that matters), in which assets and debts (mortgages) would be converted ...
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What happens with funds whose underlying is in a different currency if there is hyper-inflation?

Let's suppose that a british investor invests in a mutual fund whose underlying is in american dollars, but which is bought in pounds sterling. This means that the fund's managers convert the pounds ...
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How does hyperinflation impact home prices? [closed]

I found on investopedia how inflation will affect companies profits and standard of living: high inflation can also impact corporate profits [...] reducing the standard of living of individuals, ...
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What Happens to Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans During Hyperinflation?

What happens to fixed rate loans like most mortgages in situations where the currencies experience hyperinflation like the German Marks or Zimbabwean Dollar? In this article it states that fixed rate ...
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How to protect your money from a hyperinflation? [duplicate]

Let’s say someone supposedly fears a hyperinflation and hence the devaluation of money (or historically speaking the implementation of a new currency, e.g. post-war Germany). This extreme inflation is ...
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Could the UK be subject to hyperinflation following a No Deal Brexit? [closed]

As I understand it, a No Deal Brexit will see the UK's current trade deals with the EU cut off immediately without a grace period to renegotiate. It's generally accepted that this will cause the value ...
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What are some options to store money abroad in a safe and preferably cheap way?

Assume the situation in which you live in a country that shows tell tale signs that its moving to a hyperinflation. People's money will become useless. You have the option to move some of it in other ...
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Buying foreign currency as a long term investment [closed]

I live in a country with an uncertain, collapsing economy. The exchange rate compared to USD and EUR@ is sky rocketing that effectively wiped off 20% of people's savings in just 8 months! See USD-LKR. ...
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How do traders in hyperinflation economies know how much to inflate their prices?

Reading some of the accounts of the last days of the Weimar Republic (as well as more recent articles about the declining Venezuelan economy), I was struck by the fact that traders and sellers seem to ...
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What Happens To Stocks During Hyperinflation

A few people here may have lived in a geographical area (Zimbabwe, Argentina, etc) which experienced hyperinflation in the last century, so any stories will be valuable related to the stock exchange ...
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Equity prices during currency devaluation -- Mexico 1994 [closed]

If I own a company whose assets are 100 barrels of oil valued at $10,000 in some currency, and the currency's value suddenly drops by a factor of two, I would expect that my company is now suddenly "...
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How to protect liquid assets from risk of hyperinflation

I don't want to freeze my cash in any medium that would require me to look/wait for a buyer, wait for the collective investment fund to cash my shares as they take their allowance of time to cash them ...
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What is the best way to save money from inflation and currency devaluation?

I live in one of the poorest and corrupt countries in Asia. The government is incompetent and laws only apply to the poor. The economy is shrinking and currency is going through constant devaluation ...
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What assets would be valuable in a post-apocalyptic scenario?

In spite of the tendency for people to think of gold and diamonds as an emergency store of value for a shit-hits-the-fan scenario, I have a hard time understanding how owning physical gold would ...
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Buying gold / silver as a hedge against hyperinflation

I'm becoming more interested in buying gold / silver coins as a hedge against inflation and especially hyperinflation. I know very little about this, and there are thousands of sites on the internet ...
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