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Why would I ever buy a house vs. just renting and invest the rest?

I found myself in a weird realization right now where I put everything into an Excel sheet, I can’t find a good reason to ever purchase a house vs investing into an index fund. Ever since I graduated ...
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A scheme for more efficient house-check

When I consider an apartment to buy, I usually call an engineering company and ask them to check the apartment for any physical defects that I cannot notice by myself (In Hebrew this process is called ...
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If I want to sell my 3 bed house in Nunhead London and buy a 2 bed flat in central London does it matter that the property market is falling?

Should I do this sooner rather than later? If it’s continuing to fall should I sell my house asap, wait and then buy when it hits rock bottom?? Or sell up and buy in Australia?!
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Strange electricity charges on apartment move-in & move-out

Upon moving out of my current apartment, I noticed my electricity demand nearly quadrupled despite no difference in behavior. The next month's usage (not pictured) is identical to this new much higher ...
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Can someone sue for house ownership if they gave money for it?

My parents received money from my grandmother to put a down payment for a house. After my parents purchased the home and put the house under their names, my grandmother moved in and eventually after 3 ...
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Usefulness of government reported "market value"

My county's property records often indicate a "market value" along with tax assessments. This is typically lower than the listing price of property, and I'm wondering how to interpret it. ...
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Potential ways to mitigate realtor's seemingly massive conflicts of interest, when buying a home

I recently tried to make an offer on a home in Pennsylvania, and after reading the contract, I noticed what seem to be several massive glaring conflict of interests for the buyer's realtor. Realtors ...
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Is it reasonable to expect an adjustment to prorated rent upon early move out?

I'm familiar with the idea of prorated rent but am in a situation that's new to me with a bit of a twist. In the past I've always been the one to set the move out date but this round our landlord set ...
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In Islamic mortgage, is rent going towards paying for the house?

If I get an Islamic mortgage for 200k, the bank might charge 210k, with the 10k being the profit they would take instead of interest. The monthly repayments for this mortgage will be split in two - ...
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Housing Price Index - How to determine if Housing Marketing is high or low

What is the best source/website for seeing if the housing prices are high or low? I am looking to buy a home but don't know where to look confirm if the housing prices in aggregate or by city/state ...
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Should I close my French PEL to invest in ETFs?

My grandmother opened for me a PEL. I am going to give a complete description of what is a PEL as it is most probably unknown for money.SE. I am French and the PEL is a saving account that means: &...
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Modeling wealth over time in a home [closed]

Suppose a person decides to buy a house and finance it by taking out a mortgage. I am attempting to model the wealth of this person over time. I need some help deciding whether this system of ...
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If pre-approved for a $300k home loan, needing $1k monthly payments on it for a $200k nearly new house, is it a no brainer to buy the house?

Assume the bank's loan has a 2.6% interest rate. (I know this is historically very low, but even lower is not impossible.) Assume one has $3000 per month, leftover, after all their expenses and ...
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Are there alternative options to getting an appraisal for a refinance of my home?

I live in New Hampshire, USA. I'm trying to get my home refinanced and it most likely requires an appraisal (not sure the requirements), but anyway... they want $1870 for the appraisal fee! I'm aware ...
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HUD housing recertification removing someone from lease

B"H Hi I'm trying to move out of HUD housing, and the re-certification has passed and my father has signed the documents without my signature re-certifying, which is what I want because I want to ...
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Paying for a flat renovation to reduce rent payments in the future

A friend of mine owns an old house which requires renovation. They proposed me to pay for the renovation, and in exchange, I could live in the house and pay a smaller rent (or perhaps no rent for a ...
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How can I determine how much improvement (dollar value wise) I can put on an urban lot?

So, I'm in the position of considering where (within a given city/real-estate-market) I and my family want to build our next house (which will also be our first experience as homeowners -- we've lived ...
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Is this how I can achieve the minimum break even price if I sell my apartment?

I am planning to sell my apartment in New York City. I have only owned my apartment for 2 years, so I know I most definitely won't be able to "break it even." I think a more realistic goal ...
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Can I raise money in an IPO of my house?

I am thinking of getting some cash by selling shares of my house. Can I sell shares of my house in an IPO to raise some cash for myself? It would be super cool to ring the opening bell during the IPO ...
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How many years do I need to own a house until I don't have to pay capital gains taxes?

I've owned my home for 1.5 years and it has been my primary residence. I decided to move, and want to sell, however, I'm unsure if I have to pay capital gains. When searching the internet I find ...
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Pay off half mortgage vs invest in stocks

Some background: I have a mortgage ($212K/$247 remaining, 3.675% APR) on a house in my previous city. Selling it was my primary goal, but unfortunately that hasn't happened. And looks like the ...
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Is there any reason to not buy if mortgage is comparable to rent?

I'm curious: Say if you could buy a property or choose to rent and the mortgage per month on the property is similar to (or even lower) than the rent in your area, is there any reason to not buy? ...
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For buying a home, what kind of loans can I seek with a large cash collateral but no credit history?

Story: I'm just after going to my local bank and attempting to get 'prequalified' for a home loan, since the first realtor I called instructed me to do so before we got started. On trying, I was ...
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Is $15 USD for a hotel/motel room really that "unthinkably low"?

I just watched a video where a guy tried to claim that the hotel or motel room he was going to meet somebody at and pay for costs "$15", in the USA. I assume he means "per night". While money is not ...
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If you want to buy a house but you also think value will drop… is there something you can do to alleviate the risk?

Disclaimer: yours won't be fiscal advice. People involved will consult a professional before doing anything. This is just to gather some preliminary information. Situation: you want to buy a house ...
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Sell or keep property just purchased

I bought a house with 2 units in Switzerland recently for $750k mainly for rental income and long term security. The house returns $29,000/annum brutto rental and after deducting interest, ...
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Implications of buying a house during/ after a stock market crash?

I am currently in the process of buying my first house (I live in the UK). Having had an offer accepted, I am now waiting on the sellers to complete on buying the house they're moving to. With the ...
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Pay off Credit Card Debt now or later

I recently paid a non-refundable housing deposit of $1,300 for summer intern housing. The company I am going to work at this summer has outlined in my contract that I will receive $2,500 to cover ...
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Roof warranty 5 year versus 25 year- Would it allow me to get more money back in a house I plan to sell?

I inherited a 1960 house worth over 200k in tax assessment. It's has some issues and internal renovation to become updated in styles. I bought full coverage insurance for it. A ...
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How to price target when selling a home?

Under the Fair Housing Act, it is prohibited to "impose different sales prices or rental charges for the sale or rental of a dwelling." But in the residential market, does price targeting actually ...
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Do I need to report rental income on my apartment? [duplicate]

Say I am renting an apartment for ~$1000 a month and I have a friend that needs a place to say. I let him stay on my couch and he pays me ~$999 a month. So I'm at a loss of $1 each month. Do I need ...
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Do I care if the housing market has gone up or down, if I'm moving from one house to another?

I can see several cases in which it obviously IS important if the market is high or low. e.g: if I'm buying my first house if I'm retired and selling my last house if I'm moving to a very different ...
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Is it a wise decision to buy a home in the current market in a coastal market where prices are at a premium [closed]

I am looking at the possibility of purchasing a property in the San Diego costal area, however I wanted to get some feedback from people that know the economic outlook better than I would. Is it a ...
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HUD section 8 benefits -- community service exemptions

Regarding the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) policy for Area Housing Assistance (general page, specific definitions, and exempt status mainly what the question is about, definition for "work ...
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Is buying an apartment a worse choice than renting, currently (2019) in Australia?

For one reason or another, an apartment is considered a bad investment in Australian cities. This is because the demand here isn't huge yet (people in general would rather live outer-city in houses/...
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Why is the "buy vs rent" debate framed in terms of "buy a house vs. rent an apartment"?

Most coverage of the "buy vs rent" debate in North American popular financial media (see here for an example) frames the debate as a simple dichotomy: either renting an apartment (i.e. renting a unit ...
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Buying strategies for foreclosure condos

I saw a foreclosure condo which seems upgraded by the bank. I really liked the place, but the price can be cheaper. Can we negotiate with the bank on such foreclosure houses? What are some ...
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Self-employed net income for affordable housing - valid to take from profit/loss?

I'm trying to understand net income from self-employment, when qualifying for an affordable housing program. I had always thought that net income was the cash (checks, wires, etc) coming in. However,...
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When is it better to move - before or after a housing bubble bursts?

My husband and I currently own our home and are looking at upgrading to a bigger house in the next year or two. The housing market right now in our area (US East Coast city) is doing really well, and ...
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Trust issues with rental security deposit

I'm in a situation where I will need to rent an apartment without the ability to see it or meet the landlord/sublessor first. This creates a trust issue that I'm not sure how to address. Most ...
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Can I break a lease in response to a nonrenewal notice?

Just got notice that our house is being put up for sale and that we need to be out in 6 months. This is not an early termination, but a notice we will not be able to renew our lease. Since we'll ...
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How to best invest 90,000 EUR with zero knowledge in investing?

I have 90,000 EUR and difficulty figuring out what to do with it. This money is in a savings account with an interest rate of only 0.05%. Here in Netherlands, I pay around 600 EUR each year on this ...
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What should I be concerned with in buying a house for less than the market value? [duplicate]

I've grown up in my grandparents house my entire life. They lived two miles away my entire life. Sleep overs, dinners, barbecues, etc. It's been the plan since I was a kid to buy the house when I got ...
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Should I buy my house in cash, or with a mortgage and invest the rest of my money?

I can afford to buy a house (to live in myself) in cash. Most of my investor friends tell me this would be a dumb idea, because I could earn more in interest by buying the house with a mortgage and ...
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Should I pay off my mortgage? [duplicate]

I have €77,000 in my bank account. My mortgage has €75,000 left on it (without interest) and a term of 14 years remaining. The current interest rate is 4%, but of course this can change. Should I pay ...
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Apartments are far more expensive in my area. Should I seek a house on limited income?

So, where I live: the cheapest apartments are within $150/mo of a two story house + basement. There are more modest lots available, and this more modest housing is my goal (maybe). Preliminary ...
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Can landlord/property change unit after approval and payment of fees?

My boyfriend and I are currently in the process of moving across the country, about 650 miles. On September 2nd we visited a property in the area we will be moving to and we really liked it. After ...
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Pay off entire mortgage or put into investments

I am currently living in a house with my family, which I see 5 - 10 more years left, until we move onto to a new home. I have received a lump of sum of 600k that would be enough to pay off my entire ...
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I want to rent an apartment. The landlord wants me to sign at the court. Is this safe? Or smells like fraud?

I saw an apartment in a listing (I live in Taipei, Taiwan). The websites states that the contract has to be signed at the court. Is this safe? Or smells like fraud?
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How do I go about asking landlord to prorate when I can't move in yet?

I am renting an apartment. Move in date was August 1st. The apartment is slightly dirty with cobwebs and the walls definitely need to be painted. Landlord says that she will paint very soon but until ...
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